Weekly poll: Samsung Gear S3, are you getting one?

Peter, 27 November 2016

You heard our thoughts on the Samsung Gear S3, now let’s hear yours.

There are multiple ways to look at this. First, it’s the people who question the need for a smartwatch (or even any watch), but there’s not much to say to them. Then there are those that have an iPhone and the Apple Watch clearly has the best support - Android Wear can only peek over Apple’s walled garden, Samsung has no official solution yet.

The most difficult question to answer is Tizen vs. Android Wear. Google’s OS has more hardware and more apps, but Tizen is the more polished smartwatch OS. The mobile payments are far ahead of Google’s, S Health is the more comprehensive sports tracker too. Tizen is better than Android Wear at working independently, especially if you get the LTE-enabled Gear S3 frontier.

On a hardware level, we think the Gear S3 duo comes closest to the look of a classic watch and the rotating bezel is the best hardware control for a smartwatch. You also get a fairly large screen and great battery life (the charging is slow, though).

So, what will you do? Keep using your smartphone to tell the time? Or get what could be the best smartwatch yet? Unless you use Apple devices. Or want Android Wear apps. Decisions, decisions.

Samsung Gear S3 - are you getting it?
Yes, best smartwatch ever
The Apple Watch works best with my iPhone
I have my heart set on an Android wear device
Who needs smartwatches anyway?
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Reader comments

Got S2 Classic which is 92% same S3 I pass

  • AnonD-124236

Still prefer my Rolex Blue and Gold Submariner than any smartwatch I've seen so far...

  • AnonD-168399

i would buy one if i can afford it!

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