Western Digital enters the SSD market with Blue and Green drives

Peter, 12 October 2016

Western Digital saw the writing on the wall for spinning hard drives in the consumer market and acquired flash storage maker SanDisk to ensure the company’s future. The first products of this union are now a fact - WD’s first SSDs, placed in the Blue and Green lines. Both will be available in 2.5” 7mm and M.2 2280 form factors.

Starting with the performance line, the WD Blue SSD is available now at 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacity. It promises read and write speeds (sequential) of 545MB/s and 525MB/s respectively. These are drives suitable for heavy workloads and have an endurance of 400TB writes and 1.75 million hours of mean time between failure and a 3-year limited warranty.

The WD Blue SSDs start at $80 for the 250GB model and top out at $300 for the 1TB model.

Western Digital's first SSDs: Blue Western Digital's first SSDs: Green
Western Digital's first SSDs: Blue • Green

The power-efficient Green SSD drives will arrive later this quarter and they offer similar speed (540MB/s read, 405MB/s write). However, write durability is only 80TB. No pricing info is available yet.

There’s no SSD entry in the Red lineup - it seems that this server-focused line is still ruled by cents on the GB and spinning HDDs have a few more years left there.

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never saw fujitsu, except from oem laptop. does it even sold to consumer

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No body talking about Fujitsu? He was give me good moments for years...

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Wow I don't know what you all are doing to your hard drives. I have about 10 TB in storage in all, made up from about 6 or 7 drives from various manufacturers. I don't think I have a single HD drive that is less than 4 years old, and the oldest are p...

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