What could have been: the LG Velvet 2 Pro had an S888 chip and a keyless design

Peter, 04 June 2021

The LG Velvet didn’t revitalize the company’s smartphone business as it had hoped. It was one pricey mid-ranger with a neat design, though nothing jaw dropping. The company is no longer making phones, but here’s a look at what could have been if it had stuck around long enough to introduce the second generation of Velvet.

Marketing materials were tweeted out by leakster @FrontTron, who also added helpful translations. This would have been a proper flagship with a Snapdragon 888 chipset, instead of puttering along with a 765G like the Velvet 5G did (or dusting off the old 845 chip like the 4G Velvet).

LG Velvet 2 Pro: key-less (if not hole-less) design LG Velvet 2 Pro: Colorways
LG Velvet 2 Pro: key-less (if not hole-less) design • Colorways

We’ve seen “port-less phones before, at least prototypes of such devices, however, they seemed like a step too far.

LG was going to attempt something more reasonable (yet still quite bold) with the Velvet 2 Pro – a key-less design. The design isn’t completely “hole-less”, by the way, the bottom side houses a USB-C port and a loudspeaker grille.

The camera department looks interesting too, the main module was designed around a 64MP Sony sensor with omni-directional phase detection autofocus and optical image stabilization (OIS). The spec sheet also includes a 12MP ultra wide camera and an 8MP telephoto cam with 3x magnification (30x with digital zoom). The marketing materials speak of 240 fps slow-motion videos from the ultra wide camera and something about a gimbal.

LG Velvet 2 Pro specs LG Velvet 2 Pro specs
LG Velvet 2 Pro specs

That camera would, of course, have been paired with a good-quality screen – a 6.8” P-OLED with 1080p+ resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate and autofocus. The sides of the display are curved symmetrically with the rear glass panel, forming a smooth transition from front to back. The phone measures a slender 7.5 mm thick and houses a relatively small 4,500 mAh battery.

A few thousand LG Velvet 2 Pro units were manufactured, those were sold off to employees as keepsakes. Users at large will probably never see one in the flesh.



Reader comments

  • Varun

Can someone please sell me this.

  • Naval128

Hmm, what's wrong with Chinese products anyway?

  • Steve

Sad to say I had a LG Velvet and it was the worst phone I ever had. I had other LG but this phone dropped calls. First I thought it was the first phone but after the second and third phone doing the same. It was the LG.

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