Google I/O 2017 starts today - what to expect and where to watch the keynote's livestream

Yordan, 17 May 2017

Update: The Google I/O 2017 keynote is already under way. You can watch it here:

The annual Google I/O begins on May 17 at 1 PM ET and will take place in Mountain View, California. Many things will be announced, but some of the most interesting are the details about new Android OS, more info about the Google Assistant and improved tech in the field of VR and AR.

The most interesting announcements for all smartphone geeks will surely be the details surrounding new mobile OS, which we all expect later this year. It was last May that Google showed a preview of Nougat at the developers conference and we now expect the same will happen with Android O. We might also learn the full name (“Oreo” is the most rumored). We are yet to see if Google will go with a dessert brand for a second time after KitKat or not.

According to rumors, Android O will come with a new notification snoozing - you will be able to postpone the appearance of a notification for a more suitable time. Google also promises the new OS will have improved battery life by limiting the actions some apps do in the background. Bluetooth 5.0 is already available in high-end phones such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, the HTC U11 and the Galaxy S8 duo, and now Android is expected to produce better audio output through the new generation of the wireless connection.

Android O is expected to have a cleaner settings menu as well. Nougat took a big stride towards tidying the Settings menu, but the O is expected to have the options even easier to find and use.

Picture-in-picture was a feature that some manufacturers implemented through their in-house launchers but Android O is expected to finally offer it as a native feature.

Google unveiled the Daydream VR platform a year ago, and so far only a few non-Pixel phones support it. Rumors have it that at this Google I/O at least an update will be announced and some sources even suggest a new standalone headset for virtual reality.

Daydream announcement 2016

Last year Google introduced the concept of Instant Apps, which is a way of using an app only for a single time without the need of installing it on the phone. It is currently in beta-testing but should be launched globally at the developers conference.

Allo, Duo, and Hangouts are messaging platforms that are running behind iMessage, WhatsApp or Slack, but Google wants to make them relevant so some updates should be expected as well.

Many of you are interested in hearing about new Google Pixel phones, but since the first Google Pixel was only introduced in October 2016, we doubt any of the rumored devices will make an appearance so early.

If you are interested in hearing about all of those things plus whatever else Google may have in store for us from first hand, make sure you tune in to watch the Goggle I/O keynote today at exactly 1PM Eastern time or 6PM UK time.


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  • Anonymous

Google and Apple Events are a class above other phone companies. Some of them aren't even excited about their new devices launch lol

  • Anonymous

You have to buy apple products to use the features presented on WWDC, too, right ? The difference is that only one product line uses iOs whereas hundreds or maybe thousands of devices and product lines use Android and only a few products of those tho...

  • Anonymous

Apple WWDC = what new things your idevices can do. Google IO = what new things devices can do, if you buy new ones, or pixel phones..