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  • Anonymous

sensor wiko Robby marshmallow 6.0

  • Anonymous

Very nice phone but the speaker is not loud enough and the when you on the data to enter internet or social the network will just cease i do not know the reason pls help out

  • jocorn

nice phone but the network ceased.. tryn to get an engineer who can fix it but so far none. any outlet in Lagos where I can repair?

  • Gav

My father bought me this Wiko Phone the price is cheap and Affordable but when I try to Open my data and search in Google or any internet site it always said You don't have internet connection even tho I have I check the settings etc but it is still the same and when I connect this phone to our laptop and any computer devices it cant read. I check settings and USB Cord But still not fix.

  • Ricardo

I have thi pjone for 1 year and I cant play geometry dash, I ndentidy ,fortnite,or even pixel gun 3d smoothly eve iphonr 5 is better I like the 4 cpu cores but ram is just TERRIBLE so yeah but for its prize is decent...………………………..

  • Bushy Brow

AnonD-686874, 30 Jul 2017Robby, like all other smartphones, doesn't support changing... moreFirs time to know that Wiko Robby has a 1GB of Ram unlike Walton Primo N2 and the Philippine's Smart Phone Cloudfone Thrill Plus has a 2GB of RAM... This phone should have upgraded into 2GB of RAM...

  • AnonD-686874

yahi.cool , 24 Jul 2017do i can change his ram Robby, like all other smartphones, doesn't support changing his RAM.

  • yahi.cool

do i can change his ram

  • Anonymous

how to unlock screen

  • rayvince

I have used this phone for. the last two months and it's description according to me is .superb for its price

  • Shery

AnonD-267221, 12 Aug 2016after using two weeks this mobile i got problem with speake... moreIt is vry fantastic phone but i got problem of speaker it is not connecting many time people cal me and i cant hear the cal not only sim cal also internet cal plz tel me what i do for it

  • AnonD-595634

It was a great smartphone for for it's price i'm now use it as my private assistant.. no regrets

  • AaronKok8932

Just last week I buy this phone the camera very nice and smooth capture and speaker very loud and nice to use this device no regret bravo this phone very cheap to buy and I say WAH LAU LEH YES!

  • AnonD-267221

after using two weeks this mobile i got problem with speakers, sometimes not work and person who calling me cant hear me as me as well, hope new update will solve this problem.

  • AnonD-267221

Just buy today and very impresive from loud sound and quality camera even 8mpx looks as its 13mpx, warm recommend for this mobile, thank you Wiko.