Windows Phone 8.1 Blue update to add on-screen nav buttons

14 December, 2013

On his Twitter account, renowned leakster @evleaks has shared a part of a screenshot from Windows Phone 8.1, which shows on-screen touch navigation buttons. Currently, the three-button combo of Back, Windows and Search keys aren't part of the user interface, like they have been on many Androids since Ice Cream Sandwich, but below the screen in either hardware or capacitive touch flavors.

evleaks' tweet suggests Microsoft is going to change that and will either go for software navigation keys or diversify the portfolio of Windows Phone devices giving OEMs the choice between hardware and virtual buttons.

Other Windows Phone 8.1 rumors suggest we're in for a notification center, enhanced multi-tasking and a Siri-like voice assistant.

We suspect Microsoft will official unveil its upcoming WP 8.1 OS at their Build developer conference in April, 2014.

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  • Anonymous

I remember this guy,he was that guy spewing lies about lumia 520 not getting any updates and then Gelvin told him how he can get the updates on his phone and then he was all apologetic about it saying he didnt know that he could get an update on his ...

  • Anonymous

LOL!!!you always crack me up Raker

  • ServiceCode

Service code dialing feature fix please :( been struggling this with prepaid quite a while.. with I.e text wrap feature.

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