World’s first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C port up for sale on eBay

Enrique, 26 February 2022

Slovakian company DEEP has successfully modified an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max to fully function with a USB-C port. For a long time, consumers have wondered (and rumors have swirled since 2017) why Apple has yet to switch the iPhone to the USB-C standard. After all, the iPad and Mac lineups already use the universal standard.

The company has prepared a video of the modification process.

After prying the phone open and removing the Lightning port flex cable assembly, measurements of the USB-C connector are taken so that a housing can be installed on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After removing the Lightning port’s gasket, the opening left behind is barely enough for a USB-C plug to fit inside.

Meanwhile, a flex cable is designed with the USB-C port that implemented an original MFi chip gutted from a different device. This is then soldered onto the flex assembly and installed back on the device with the new 3D-printed housing. The USB-C plug fits almost perfectly.

For the new placement of the MFi chip to fit, the speaker module must be filed down a bit. After careful reassembly and installation of a new battery, the USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max is ready to be powered back on.

The device is tested and is fully operational. It works with iTunes, storage connects to Mac, and it charges properly with an original Apple charger using a USB-C to C cable (or USB-A to C cable), all through the USB-C port.

Many iPhone owners have long been waiting for Apple to deploy the more widespread and acclaimed USB Type-C port on their iPhones, as it did on the iPad Pro or MacBooks. Especially users of "PRO" devices would welcome one cable for all the devices they use daily in their work. We have decided to fulfill this desire at least in part and we offer original Apple iPhone mobile phone with a USB-C port instead of the original Lightning port.

This device is now available on eBay, and anyone who wants to will be able to purchase the world’s second USB-C powered iPhone. The auction has launched on Thursday and will end on March 6 at 3AM ET.

Back in November, Robotics student Ken Pillonel of Switzerland managed to modify an iPhone X to with work with a USB-C port and the device sold on eBay to a winning bidder for $86,001. It’s worth noting that Pillonel’s USB-C iPhone X is not updatable, nor can it be restored or reset.

On the other hand, DEEP’s modified iPhone appears to be a plug and play situation since it contains the MFi chip. It’s not clear whether DEEP’s implementation can be reset or updated. We’re also curious as to whether the modified iPhone still remains water-resistant.

Will we ever see an iPhone with a USB-C port from Apple? We don’t know, but the folks at DEEP took matters into their own hands.

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Reader comments

only 25mbps max on transfer. not bad at all especially youre used to usb 3.0 speed.

  • Sunny
  • 07 Mar 2022
  • I@H

i am a type of person who once my phone repaired, i am anxious of my phone not to be wet.... because some repair shops didn't restore water resistance by applying water sealing adhesives or gasket. and i hope EU pressure apple of adapting usb C ...

Ohhh, I totally forgot about that phone completely. Too bad that no YouTuber seemed to talk about the R5 afterwards, which is likely why I have forgotten all about it. R5 was truly a one of a kind phone.

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