Xbox Design Lab brings back more metallic finishes and rubberized grips

Ro, 12 November 2021

Ahead of the Xbox Series X launch, Microsoft briefly stopped making customized Xbox controllers through its Xbox Design Lab program. Now, the Design Lab brings back the rubberized grips and adds some more metallic finish options.

The black rubberized grips are available for the back case and the side grips. The company also added a couple of fresh new colors for the controllers.

There also more metallic finish colors now as Microsoft added 19 into the mix. The price for a customized controller is $69 and you will have to wait about three to four weeks after placing the order. The service is available in the US, Canada and most of Europe.



Reader comments

Ps4 is ugly and its the only reason i am not buying it. Xbox is on another level from all the aspects whatever you say, if it sells more or less it doesnt keep them back to do amazing things like this controller.

That's because Sony PlayStation sells better than Xbox. Microsoft wants to attract that segment of people who have got bored with PS joysticks and want colorful, vibrant and personalized ones. Just the case of Apple and Samsung. Apple sells well...

Samsung too has a similar Design Lab for their Z Flip/Fold series, with a gorgeous, minimalist color palette. No more ugly, plain phones!

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