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Anonymous , 17 Dec 2022No one cares about sd card now. I do


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      • Nobal
      • Kik
      • 17 Dec 2022

      It's almost 2023 and people still debating SD Card and Audio Jack lol. Most of big brands are moving towards that, just accept it. They know you gonna buy it anyway.

        Anonymous , 17 Dec 2022No one cares about sd card now. What about usb 3.0?
        There should be at least one way to transfer photos or music
        SD or USB 3.0
        Or no buy

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          • n1c
          • 17 Dec 2022

          We demand headphone jack, microSD card and notification LED on ALL devices.

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            • bl01x
            • y6V
            • 17 Dec 2022

            Professional, 15 Dec 2022SD card only slows down the phone! Not interesting on flags... moreThats the reason why support in installing apps and storing app data was removed in Android 6. But not a great reason to remove SD Card slot on smartphones. It was meant for storage expansion for storing files.

            These companies are just removing SD Cards on flagship phones to force people to buy a new phone to have a higher storage capacity.

              Anonymous, 16 Dec 2022Another delusional person. Again Apps are installed in Inte... more"Apps are installed in Internal Storage", "What slow down the phone is Bloatwares or buggy OS."

              I think you are the dilusional one, even confused with terminologies.

              Bloatwares are simply applications preloaded of which the Phone can be used even without them (i.e. multimedia players, Netflix, SNS apps, banking/ payment apps, cloud storage apps, health apps). What a phone really should have is the standard apps that should make a phone usable already, like Dialer and Contacts app, Messaging, Gallery, Camera, and File Manager. All other apps shall be considered "optional" and must not be preloaded, and let users install them personally if they want. These preloaded applications are installed in Internal Storage! To be specifically, these bloatwares are part of the system image that can be found either in "app", priv-app", or some in the "vendor" folder if you browse the System folder. In this manner, uninstalling them now is a temporary solution as they can return if you reset your phone.

              So technically speaking Bloatwares are consuming storage, "Internal Storage".

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                • Anonymous
                • XSs
                • 17 Dec 2022

                Narazumono, 16 Dec 2022It didn't because Xiaomi has been copying Apple since ... moreNo one cares about sd card now.

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                  • 17 Dec 2022

                  Jemlim, 16 Dec 2022Says a time traveller from 2012 who travelled all the way t... more2012 or 2050 I don't care, I don't have time to consistently turn on my phone screen to check missed notifications so LED notification light is necessary for me.

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                    • 16 Dec 2022

                    Moki, 13 Dec 2022Xiaomi 12 had 1080p@30/60fps, 720p@120fps, HDR on it's... moreApart from the IP68 and the flat screen, the great novelty in relation to the MI12 is the 75mm telephoto lens with 3.2X optical zoom and 30X hybrid zoom.
                    The MI12 I'm writing from has a 5MP super macro lens.

                    We must also highlight the evolution to Gen2 manufactured by TSMC and the panel that is a Dynamic Amoled E6 with 1.900 nits.
                    The MI12 panel had a very good spec sheet, but it is made in China. Pretty mediocre in practice.

                    What is strange is that they have not reported Gorilla Glass protection in MI13.
                    Perhaps because of the customization that the panel has when narrowing bezels, it is not compatible, but it is rare that it does not have protection of any kind.

                      Kurokaze, 16 Dec 2022Actually it does. That's why even the first Flagship X... moreIt didn't because Xiaomi has been copying Apple since the dawn of time. They didn't fall behind when Apple removed the headphone jack
                      Anyway, apps are installed in the phone's storage so the only thing that would slow down the phone is low ram, a weak processor or the os itself
                      The only time the speed matters is when you're transferring files then you would be right, ufs 3 or 4 would transfer them faster than an sd card but then again you can simply take out the card and place it somewhere else instantly transferring everything which is what people used to do back in the day before everyone got greedy and took out the card slots

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                        • vx6
                        • 16 Dec 2022

                        Kurokaze, 16 Dec 2022Actually it does. That's why even the first Flagship X... moreAnother delusional person. Again Apps are installed in Internal Storage not on External unless you explicitly chose to then it doesnt slow down the phone! What slow down the phone is Bloatwares or buggy OS.

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                          • 16 Dec 2022

                          Marko, 15 Dec 2022Man I switched to Iphone 14 pro from Xiaomi 12X, and I regr... moreWhat don't you like about the 12x.?

                            Narazumono, 15 Dec 2022Only if you have a cheap knockoff sd card A good sd card ... moreActually it does. That's why even the first Flagship Xiaomi never had an SD Card Slot. UFS Storage speeds and Legit SD Card speeds are too far apart.

                              Anonymous, 06 Dec 2022Another specs phone without features like a 3.5mm headphone... moreJust use dongles and deal with 256gb. It's not like you'll fill it up easily.

                                Rayrick1603, 07 Dec 2022Going to buy this specifically for the small form factor an... moreFortunately, no curved screen, but unfortunately for you. Nevertheless, curved screen sucks.

                                  Quadriplegic, 07 Dec 2022I'm sorry, but you're a moron. SD card offers... moreYou don't realise that dongles also exist? They cost cheaper than wireless earphones.

                                    DaddyG, 08 Dec 2022I do like curved display, your taste is just trashOnly you. More people like flat screen tham curved screen, what right do you have to say that their taste is trash?

                                      Anonymous, 10 Dec 2022No micro SD card, no 3.5 audio jack, for all that amount of... moreAll flagships except Sony and Asus don't, otherwise tell me any other flagships that have them other then what I listed.

                                        Anonymous, 11 Dec 2022It's so beautiful but missing the very important SD ca... moreJust get a Sony or get a dongle and deal with 256gb.