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  • 18 Oct 2023

KalmanTJ, 17 Oct 2023General use is about 9-13% battery drop per hour on screen ... morebased on 9-13% battery consumption per hour, i guess it will gimme a screen on time of 8 to 9 hours on social media apps and YouTube?

    Anonymous, 17 Oct 2023Which is better 13 pro or 13t pro? I'm not a gamer but... moreOfcourse 13 pro is the best(even compare to 13 ultra)
    But You should consider the price

      ChinaLUL, 18 Oct 2023Imagine buying a Chinese phoneAnd also whats the problem with chinese phone
      There are millions of users that have chinese phones

        ChinaLUL, 18 Oct 2023Imagine buying a Chinese phoneName phones that are not chinese

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          • ChinaLUL
          • ksG
          • 18 Oct 2023

          Imagine buying a Chinese phone

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            • Anonymous
            • gDg
            • 17 Oct 2023

            Which is better 13 pro or 13t pro? I'm not a gamer but heavy user. Benchmarks suggest 8gen 2 is still better and efficient. Can someone with real world experience shed light on this?

              Anonymous, 17 Oct 2023-decent battery life -3.5mm jack -sd slot.Battery life - that needs optimization, agree
              Headphone jack - don't think many people using that nowadays, USB-C adapter takes care of it.
              SD card - can't seem to understand why anyone would need extra storage when it has 512GB (463.1GB usable), also all photos cloud backed up, space always gets freed up.

                Anonymous, 17 Oct 2023how many hours of screen on time are you getting?General use is about 9-13% battery drop per hour on screen depending on what apps I'm using, Youtube, WhatsApp calls, TikTok.
                The camera definitely needs more optimization, drains the battery too quickly. I was at a party over the weekend, it was 47% per hour, taking photos and videos.
                I'm using AccuBattery Pro, it gives quite a good indication, record every charge, discharge and app usage.

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                  • 0BG
                  • 17 Oct 2023

                  Wisdom Linus, 16 Oct 2023Lacking features like?-decent battery life
                  -3.5mm jack
                  -sd slot.

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                    • CBa
                    • 17 Oct 2023

                    KalmanTJ, 15 Oct 2023I have been using the 13T Pro for a week now and have found... morehow many hours of screen on time are you getting?

                      Can't find any scratch test vid, how they know its plastic ?
                      anw, 11 days havent picked up this phone, need to put an end to this

                        Wisdom Linus, 16 Oct 2023Lacking features like?The only thing is Aluminium frame

                          Nifol, 14 Oct 2023£700 and lacking the most basic of features.Lacking features like?

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                            • 49r
                            • 16 Oct 2023

                            kekec01, 14 Oct 2023You can get Xiaomi 13 Pro from china for 650$. The price of Xiaomi 13T is 3700¥ or 515$ in China.
                            The price of Xiaomi 13T pro is 4800¥ or 668.71$.
                            The reason for the price reversal is that this series is actually overseas exclusive, so it's actually an imported product for Chinese consumers. The Chinese counterpart is the Redmi K60 Ultra(16G+512G), which is priced at 3000¥ or 418$.

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                              • KalmanTJ
                              • 0pc
                              • 15 Oct 2023

                              I have been using the 13T Pro for a week now and have found its performance to be impressive, thanks to its speed, ample RAM, and abundant storage capacity of 512GB. I must say, I find myself questioning the need for a microSD slot, given the generous internal storage.

                              However, I have encountered some disappointments with the phone, particularly in its camera performance. Coming from a OnePlus 7T, I noticed that the 13T Pro's camera tends to overexpose pictures and lacks the quality I was accustomed to. Additionally, the 12MP wide camera feels underwhelming compared to the 50MP wide camera I had hoped for. It is evident that the camera requires significant tuning to meet user expectations.

                              Furthermore, the battery life leaves much to be desired, especially when the camera is in use. The rapid drainage during camera operation is a concern that needs to be addressed.

                              On a positive note, the phone's worth is partially redeemed by the inclusion of the Xiaomi tablet in the package. Without this addition, the 13T Pro would have been a truly disappointing purchase. I hope that future updates or improvements can address these issues and enhance the overall user experience.

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                                • Nifol
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                                • 14 Oct 2023

                                £700 and lacking the most basic of features.

                                  Gann, 09 Oct 2023Sadly, my area don't have the so called black friday, ... moreYou can get Xiaomi 13 Pro from china for 650$.

                                    I have Nubia Z50 and I was wery interested in Xiaomi K60 Ultra which is Chinese version of 13T Pro. So I went to mall to see in person new 13T Pro to see what is the phone like and what I can expect. The show phone was in blue leather skin. First impression good, like the leather, seems non slippery, also seems like a non heavy device, good grip in hand, but.....compared to my Nubia which has SD 8 gen 2 the Xiaomi is so slow I couldn´t believe it. The Soc it has is in range with 8 gen 2 if not even better, but using experience in my case is terrible. I really didn´t expect that. In settings it said it has 12+3 GB Ram. My Nubia has 12GB without additional Ram. I don´t know is it software related but Nubia flies and Xiaomi is out of the game for me right now.

                                      I am between the 13T pro and poco f5 pro, both seem great for what they offer. I read that dimensity 9200+ is very powerful and my initial reservations are going away, however I still don't know whether the phone is a better alternative to the poco f5 pro.

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                                        • sr2
                                        • 13 Oct 2023

                                        The phone is a disaster... Rating 1/10 Got it today, I'll return it tomorrow. Cameras blurred