Xiaomi Black Shark 2 showcased in a leaked hands-on video

Ro, 12 October 2018

It's no secret that Xiaomi is prepping to announce a follow-up to the Black Shark gaming smartphone released back in April all thanks to the TENAA listing that popped up last month. The company even set up a landing page for the first or the second generation but our bet is on the latter. Luckily, we don't have to wait too long to see how it looks as a leaked hands-on video gives out a neat RGB glowing logo on the back as well as RGB-illuminated side strips.

Unfortunately, the video is too short and doesn't show the device from the front so we will have to settle with that for now. We hope we won't have to wait too long considering that the international landing page is out and will surely be available outside of China on the contrary to the previous generation.


Reader comments

Well I suppose just S on the back is fine, cause BS would be not...

  • winter

I think this device will be available globally for a long time

China and India only like all the rest of their phones.

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