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Xiaomi Black Shark 3

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Why black shark 3 cannot update to joy ui 12 ???????

Having a physical joystick is the most important thing that manufacturers do not consider. A joystick on the phone itself, just like the Xperia Play. And not to be disconnected from the phone.

  • AnHonestUser

Hi. Quick Review here. Ive had it for 4 months. Used it for gaming only. Performance is good but im not impressed at all. If u max out graphics in some games(COD ,GENSHIN, SHADOWGUN), it does lag many times (8gb version).Also heating. It does get hot- acceptable level(more while charging than gaming) .Battery is good. Lasts for a day hard use or 2 days light usage. But if u game id say 7-8 hrs (4G connection) maybe more on wifi. Camera is AWFUL for such price. Pictures are washed out /blurry and lack detail. Night mode is REALLY BAD. NO OIS . Also it has JOY UI , lots of bloatware apps and I DISLIKE it overall. Not too user friendly. Sometimes its not easy to find and navigate through it. Not many updates since i bought it. Its possible I might sell it sooner or later ...but nowadays UI make or break a phone....so not sure yet...of what other options are there as an alternative...
So to sum up:
+Good performamce, good battery life,fast charging

Iam enjoying my Black Shark 3, its since 2 weeks ago after buying. very Extraordinary smartphone... smooth display 90hz, smooth for gaming, except Genshin Impact as well, by using Highest preset and 60fps ,,, the phone is heating πŸ˜‚ so i use Fun cooler pro and freezing my BS3. very worthy gaming phone and less price πŸ’ͺ sorry my english bad.

  • Anon

Yes, 16 Feb 2021Is it still worth to buy it this 2021? Im contemplating bet... moreI think yes, for I am going to buy BS3 this week. No comment for the phone you are contemplating with. Yet I chose BS3 over Asus Strix3.

  • Tsubassai

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2021Depends how much you care about cameras if cameras are your... moreYay, Mi fan detected!

Same sentiments with you. Still using my Mi Max 2 as the primary phone for work though with in-built call recorder! Battery soc showed some deterioration (92% much?) yet lasts 2 days one charge.

BS3 for certain frame rate-heavy gaming that MM2 sadly couldn't handle without throttling and heating issues.


  • Tsubassai

Aloner, 02 Jan 2021How frequent are the OS updates?. What date is the last And... moreErm... I think BS3 only updated its UI once in 2020, which is JOYUI 11 20.08.06

Android Security patch wise... it's outdated by roughly 8 months at time of this post. Last patched on 5th June 2020.

So yeah... but having said that, Security app does prompt you to scan devices every now and then (internal software updates are quite recent). I am using it for 4 months and so far so good.

  • Zaq

dh, 06 Jan 2021just got it yesterday, I played genshin impact with no prob... moreCan you share your temperature, battery life and settings when playing? And is this worth it over poco f2 pro since they are so similar.. thanks in advance 😁

  • Yes

Is it still worth to buy it this 2021? Im contemplating between mi10T and BS3

  • idekwhyimalive69

Curious guy, 23 Jan 2021Is there any diff between bs 3/3pro/3s? 3 pro screen is BIG 7'1inches
3s has 120hz refresh rate(only difference really, maybe design)

  • Yawn

Az, 10 Feb 2021hi why does my smartphone not charge 30 minutes as usual? ... moreGo Setting > Additional Settings > Intelligent Charging then turn it off but the temperature of the mobile phone is too high when charging.

  • Az

hi why does my smartphone not charge 30 minutes as usual? now it charges in 45 minutes to full?

Hii does it support MHL I'm actually planning on streaming via video capture card but if not let me know any kinds of ways streaming through PC and not wireless like Mirroring Ty

  • vs31195

Can you please start including if the phone supports MEMC or not in the specs.

  • Curious guy

Is there any diff between bs 3/3pro/3s?

Which is best all round device iphone se, Black shark 3 and samsung s10. Rate them from highest to lowest

  • Anonymous

Aloner, 02 Jan 2021How frequent are the OS updates?. What date is the last And... moreslow.. i've been waiting for new updates and hope it will come soon

  • HateMe gaming

Well I just ordered fo the phone and it's on the way. I believe I won't have any issues with the phone as I used Mi max 2 for a year and I have been using Mi max 3 since 2017 when it came out. Screen didn't break after several falls and I get updates from time to time. Xiaomi is a generally good device maker. I can bet on that. If you want a standard device at a normal rate for broke people like us. Go to Xiaomi. It's smart, strong and durable.

  • Anonymous

Adonis, 05 Jan 2021I'm thinking of buying this one but can someone post t... moreDepends how much you care about cameras if cameras are your main focus don’t buy it this is a gaming phone meaning it has a meh camera quality

  • Anonymous

Idkwhattonameanjay, 09 Jan 2021Does this phone have Pop Up Buttons? Sadly no