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Revolting design. The massive hole in the display and the non-centered camera bump.

A circle's great. But why the hell would you align it to the left? Take a cue from Huawei/Honor for Christ's sake. If you're gonna have a huge bump, center it.

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    • NasserSolomon
    • 5yh
    • 25 May 2023

    This company is crazy

    Why the [Fried chicken] they are making a midrange device that has twice selfie performance of their 1499€ 13 Ultra

      That Ultrawide though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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        • Harmas
        • a3B
        • 25 May 2023

        NEED PERFECTION, 25 May 2023A miracle in Xiaomi phones Thank god

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          • Rj
          • dZu
          • 25 May 2023

          Crappy curved display !!

            Xiaomi should already place a minimum in the civi series, LTPO gorilla glass victus screen, 5000mah battery, 13mpx in its ultra-wide angle, but Xiaomi is always like that and ignores its apple-style audience to improve very few things and in others if😒

              Don't have GPS for Navic and radio are compulsory in India

                Anonymous, 25 May 2023Another garbage from Xiaomi. Small battery Missing SD car... moreEvery phone is now missing sd card and audio jack and there is a lot of phones with smaller battery size but that doesn't mean they are bad. Iphone 14 pro max has even smaler battery and it doesn't have audio jack and sd card. Does it mean that 14 pro max is garbage?

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                  • UNKNOWN soldier
                  • mFJ
                  • 25 May 2023

                  NotAFanB0Y, 25 May 2023True, the companies should start with 8/12gb Ram and 256gb ... moreExactly minimum in2023 512 g storage high end models all 1T min 12G

                    • a
                    • aadam
                    • tZ4
                    • 25 May 2023

                    NotAFanB0Y, 25 May 2023True, the companies should start with 8/12gb Ram and 256gb ... moreeven if there's 1tb you will not going to buy it anyway

                      Moki, 25 May 2023So glad Xiaomi is the only company with a functional brain ... moreTrue, the companies should start with 8/12gb Ram and 256gb Storage as "base variant" for Midrangers that they call CameraPhones..

                      and should also offer 512gb and 1 TB variants on top of it if they don't include MicroSD card slot in them...

                        I hate Xiaomi and its MIUI, but this phone is so great and It's a complete package with Sooo good cameras that I will definitely buy it if it launches in India as there's no alternative present by anyone..

                        Moto Edge 40 is closest competitor but not this much great.. Maybe 'Upcoming' Nothing Phone 2 but i guess it will focus more on performance, lesser on cameras

                        Hope the company launches it Internationally..
                        It's a Great Camera Phone with no cost-cutting in Performance or anywhere else.

                          andibad, 24 Feb 2023Always using usb 2.0 🗿My ass, look at the 13 Ultra and their tablets

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • iAE
                            • 25 May 2023

                            Another garbage from Xiaomi.
                            Small battery
                            Missing SD card, audio jack.
                            No thanks

                              H.S, 25 May 2023For 1st time 4k on selfieA miracle in Xiaomi phones

                                • M
                                • Moki
                                • 04M
                                • 25 May 2023

                                So glad Xiaomi is the only company with a functional brain to stop releasing the 128 gb non sense without SD card and start from 256. More companeis which have Cabbages for a Brain should learn from this.
                                128 gb with no sd card in 2020+ is a joke of mocking scale, especially since 4K videos are taking half of it.

                                Also for anyone who is a fake tech smart ass who will reply to me know this:
                                -System android takes 10-15 Gb
                                -System apps take 5 Gb
                                You are only left with 100 gb free storage. Don't reply to me uneducated how smartphones work.

                                  Let's see, let me understand, this 330 dollar garbage does it have 4k video in the front camera and the super high-end premium of the same brand, the 13 ultra, only 1080? I thought the Chinese were smart

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 8s1
                                    • 25 May 2023

                                    I know this phone's targeting probably younger-social-media-affected-population and especially women (which don't even know what's going on), but I can't stand those 8MP UW (IMX355 neverending story) and 2MP macro sensors anymore. If they deciced to put two selfie sensors into the capsule like punch hole, I would rather see that design on the back of the phone too. Capsule like camera island which is copying the punch hole to complete the design philoshopy. But no... They put this big piece of glass from the smallest washing machine on earth on the back and two of three not worthy sensors under it. I would rather cut costs by removing 8MP UW and 2MP macro sensors; by replacing washing machine glass for the samller capsule like glass and save maybe 1/3 on the material; by less complex internal structure and in the end, put there some worthy sensor like GD2 for UW. Or just make it anyway and increase price 10-15 bucks. Who cares... I really like the phone and even when I am not the target group, I would consider to buy it, because it has some specs I really like. But I can't do that to me because by buying it I will be supporting this policy/tactics of the company and I can't. And I think all the phones with curved displays should have metal frame instead of the plastic one because those phones doesn't feel good in hand with that thin frame on the side (yes, there's an error in the description, it's plastic).

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • G{t
                                      • 25 May 2023

                                      Anonymous, 23 Feb 2023small battery no sd card no 3.5 jack the same rubbish ... morethe same rubbish people like you on this site spill

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                                        • H.S
                                        • UUJ
                                        • 25 May 2023

                                        For 1st time 4k on selfie