Xiaomi expands to Turkey

Yordan, 17 September 2018

Xiaomi's sales keep growing lately and that's despite the limited availability around the globe. The company is working hard on addressing that though and after arrivals in the Philippines, Hungary, and Austria, a Mi Store has just opened in Istanbul.

The interior of the Mi Store in Istanbul The interior of the Mi Store in Istanbul
The interior of the Mi Store in Istanbul

The store is located at Vadistanbul Shopping Center and the opening of the brick-and-mortar shop gathered huge crowds who lined for gift cards, power banks, Mi Band 2 fitness trackers and 800 more surprises. It also offers all the latest mobile devices like the Mi Band 3, Xiaomi Mi 8, and the Android One-based Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone.

People lining for the Mi Store

Since Xiaomi is big on home appliances as well, the newly opened store offers the famous vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, Mi TVs and plenty of home security solutions. Sadly, there are no Mi Notebooks on sight, but hopefully, they'll be added soon.

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  • Anonymous

I hope they don't.. all we need is more cheap naff phones.. All it will do is cause the bigger company's to save money and cut costs.. which will lead to more issues.. why do you think the tv market is so bad.. tv's used to last 4-6 years.. now ...

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  • Anonymous

Announced Mi8 prices are higher than G7 thinQ, P20pro and even Galaxy S9+ !!! Obviously, that is unacceptable.