Xiaomi launches Mi Pocket Speaker 2 in India

Prasad, 21 June 2018

Xiaomi has launched a new Bluetooth speaker in India, the Mi Pocket Speaker 2.

As the name suggests, the Mi Pocket Speaker 2 is a really compact Bluetooth speaker that is only 3.6-inch tall and 2.3-inch wide. It features a polycarbonate + ABS material for the lower body and the top is made out of anodized aluminum.

The main feature of the speaker is the 5W speaker manufactured by Tymphany, a German audio engineering company that specializes in making drivers for audio equipment. Having said that, it's a small speaker, so it probably won't blow the roof off your house.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and a 1200mAh battery that gives it 7-hours of continuous playback.

The Mi Pocket Speaker 2 is available in black or white and is priced at INR 1499 ($22).



Reader comments

Save up a little more, and you can buy better options from Tronsmart, Anker, and Aukey. I tested this out, and it doesn't get loud at all.

I had the same Question, i dont feel encouraged to buy devices with outdated ports..!

  • Anonymous

Yuk! mono speakers.

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