Xiaomi launches Service+ app in India for after-sales support

Ro, 27 January 2022

The Xiaomi Cares program was teased back in November last year but Xiaomi didn't really give many details about what it will include. Now the company is launching its after-sales support app called Service+, which will probably be its key element.

Xiaomi launches Service+ app in India for after-sales support

The Service+ app is available in India as a one-stop solution for all after-sales requests from customers. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or Getapps and connects customers with roughly 2,000 service centers.

Users can file device repair requests through the app, get price quotes and get live chat support. Additionally, the app shows the nearest service centers, comprehensive warranty information, and lets you track your repair status.


Reader comments

Well every country should have this for sure. At least Xiaomi does way better than most other manufactrers which are way more costly.

Indeed, Lawsuits in US are seemingly too brutal on companies. Not so much in India. Unless a company is found knowingly causing fraud it wont be penalized that much,,,no way. And its a good thing, company's dont feel it suffocating to operate. ...

They test everything in india region first because if anything went sideways than indians are less prone to file lawsuit compare to europe and US.

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