Xiaomi makes fun of notches in new series of promo videos

Vlad, 18 June 2019

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi 9T last week for international markets, and while it's nothing but a rebranded Redmi K20, that doesn't mean it's not a very interesting upper-midrange offering, what with its notch-less display and pop-up selfie camera.

The Chinese company is focusing on exactly that in a new series of three video promos for the phone that are all about dissing the notch. Each episode explores how ridiculous a notch would look like in other settings.

Here's what happens at a hairdresser's:

At a dentist:

And weirdest of all, a make-up session gone wrong:

We'd be remiss not to mention that Xiaomi itself has launched plenty of smartphones with notches in the past, so this stunt is pretty disingenuous on its part. Or maybe it just suddenly discovered notches are bad? Wait no, that can't be it, because the Mi Mix line has been doing its own notch-less thing for many years now. So this is just a marketing ploy, you'll be the judge of how effective it is.


Reader comments

After Poco F1, I wouldn't talk about notches as a company.

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Jun 2019
  • MwH

Hahahaaha :)))

Not relevant to the topic at hand, but whilst browsing through old apple articles this picture, by apple themselves showed up. Read the last text, it's technically speaking a instruction to kill :p https://static.itavisen.no/media/2018/03/wgrwgr...

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