Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G

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  • Carrot

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021I belong to ₹20k segment but I am willing to go for ₹45k wi... moreI recommend K30 Ultra

  • Srihari

Reality , 06 Jan 2021Google pixel 4a what a shit phone... Ram just 6 n can not m... morePixel is dope. It has the cleanest software experience. Camera is excellent. I'm using it for past 3 months... No lags or stutters.. TYPING THIS IN ONE HAND

  • random person

dont know why companies ditch amoled screen in favor of high refresh rate.

  • Anonymous

Shamim, 06 Jan 2021Aluminum frame or plastic frameIt would be a plastic frame since the build is that same as the redmi note 9 pro 5g

  • Reality

Google pixel 4a what a shit phone... Ram just 6 n can not micro sd card.. Camera is low... And price too high.... Are you head is blank...

  • Ayase

Amoled screen is better than LCD with 90 or 120hz.

  • Anonymous

This is just a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite but with little changes

  • Claudio Corona

Somebody said Xiaomi does not release phones with good specs and camera but they do. Maybe not as good of a camera as the Pixels, but they have infrared, 3.5mm jack, MicroSD card support and FM radio. I use all of that. Pixels don't have all of that. That's why I don't like them.

  • Zemi

Suddhi, 06 Jan 2021No ois sapport why 108 cameraStat padding sadly. What's the use of such a large sensor without the technologies to finesse the output

  • Anonymous

Only 2 5G bands. 😑 Very disappointed.

  • Vedant Vikram

It supports only two 5G Bands and out of that Band 78 is used for defense purpose in India and wont be allowed for mainstream 5G deployment. 5G support is a scam looks like - One Plus phones are even worse and support just one 5G Band (Band 78) which wont work in India.

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021I don't know why xiaomi and other brands these days ne... moreIt's a sales trick

  • miluv

they need to stop with those ugly cameras...

  • Anonymous

I don't know why xiaomi and other brands these days never launch one handed phone with descent specs and nice camera like google pixel 4A. That would be perfect!

  • Shamim

Aluminum frame or plastic frame

  • Suddhi

No ois sapport why 108 camera

Looks good.

Aluminium frame?

  • Anonymous

I belong to ₹20k segment but I am willing to go for ₹45k with following features:
1. Only 2 important cameras matter- main camera and wide angle. Just keep them ok
2. Main Camera to be with OIS (Optical Image stabilization)
3. Display to be Amoled (or one with similar contrast)
4. Display Freq to be >=90Hz
5. latest UFS 2.1 (or higher whenever built up)
6. Latest bluetooth, wifi versions
7. 8GB+ RAM & 128GB+ ROM
8. Bezel-less & gorilla glass (scratch & shatter resistant) display
9. Decent battery (4500 mAh+)
10. Some attempt of Water resistant (IP rating not given is also ok)
11. only one type of charging (USB-C type or wireless, both are ok for me) with 20W+ charger.

mi phones while they are the best value for money but they somehow manage to miss / skip few of these.
OnePlus does give these but the price is above 60

  • Deadmanwade

devils468, 05 Jan 2021they r not even trying at this point this is just a global ... moreI heard this is exclusive to India only. I wonder if a global version will be released eventually. I got my eye already on OP N10 5G but I want to know my other options as well. Mi 10i looks good on paper too.