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  • Deadscapa
  • mtn
  • 06 Nov 2022

Hi everyone. Bought this phone around 1.5 years ago when my old phone's battery broke. Xiaomi Redmi T10 5G was cheap and still hardware -wise a monster.

Last month, after updating the Redmi OS to latest update (12 I think) my microphone suddenly stopped working. Reboot helped for a while (mic worked around 30 minutes before dying), until reboot -trick stopped working, so clearly software related issue.
Note 1: hardware scan shows it as "working normally", even tho it doesnt.
Important note 2: I found literally tens, if not hundreds of issues with Redmi OS, multiple people having the same issue with microphone and this was with every Redmi phone available (note, 1-10, pro, all of em).

I took my phone to mechanic to get it fixed. Took 2 weeks, they changed the circuit board. Now I have used my fixed phone for 3 weeks and all of this 3 weeks, it has had issues with battery. It might suddenly drop to 0%, telling me to charge my phone EVEN THOUGH my phone actually has charge in it (might be +25%, might be +60%, doesnt matter). So again, software related issue, 100%. When that bug happends, phone wont recognise C-Usb in port. Again, rebooting is the only key to fix this. Do note that I might be using my phone to watch a show, read news-article or whatever and it suddenly just drops to whatever % to 0%. While writing this atm, my phone wont start. Screen is black and there is no other fix than to take it back to the mechanic.

TLDR: Xiaomi Redmi 10T 5G was the best phone I bought, its durable, camera is incredible and it is very cheap. Unfortunately Redmi OS has SEVERE issues and if you EVER have these issues, Xiaomi WONT fix them. The issue is that you MIGHT get problem free phone for literally hundreds cheaper than "name brand" (samsung, huawei, etc) and live happily. BUT! If your luck is BAD, you end up with a brick that is a constant pain in the ass.

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    • 14 Oct 2022

    Khizrrrrrr on Insta, 19 Jul 202210t doesn't record 8k U might have gotten a clone or a rip off! Pffft! Pity you are not capable knowing it. Lol!

      shifted from samsung m31s to this phone and I must say that the experience is overall 180 degree. I am very much satisfied with the phone especially in terms of the lag I was experiencing on samsung after android 12 / one ui 4.1.1 update

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        • Sero
        • xID
        • 14 Aug 2022

        Khizrrrrrr on Insta, 19 Jul 2022And also it has the more sh*tiest camera in any phone I�... moreHow you dare to compare mi 10t with this 3-4 times slower potato a51? A51 has terrible parameters for its price. Seeing how you speak for mi10t is obviously that you don't have the phone. There is no way to use the phone for over year and to not know how to record 8k video. Samsung will never learn how to make processing algorithms that not make the image it's like it was painted with crayons and ton of over sharpening. Go troll somewhere else samsung fanboy

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          • xID
          • 13 Aug 2022

          Khizrrrrrr on Insta, 19 Jul 202210t doesn't record 8k It looks like you don't know how to use the phone or you havn't the phone. Mi10t has 8k 30fps recording

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            • 7Pt
            • 26 Jul 2022

            I had this phone preordered since release (it came with a mi true wireless earphones lite, and a mi band 5 as gifts) (later i found out that the mi band battery was defective).
            Nevertheless, for the price im not complaining at all.
            However The biggest & most well known problem this phone has is the proximity sensor (its buggy & lacks accuracy)
            At first i had a problem with updating a few apps through google play (i found a solution online, but it was not ideal)
            After firmware updates this problem was resolved.
            So after all (other than the proximity sensor problem, which i still have) i would say this phone is great, im very happy with a lag free miui 13 & android 12 experience (the specs page didn't mention it is upgradable to android 12 for some reason !!!).
            I might buy xiaomi again (if the price is still right), although recently im skiptical after my friends experience with a poco F4 GT (it was full of bugs).

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              • tW7
              • 22 Jul 2022

              Just upgraded to MIUI 13. Only i dont like on this phone is the Camera and Screen which is not AMOLED. The rest is Good. But not the best. However this is the best phone i find with in my budget compare to other brands and models. Battery life is Very Good but dont expect sound offer better quality.

                NotNice, 18 Feb 2021Also, why are you mad about me exposing your lies on video ... more10t doesn't record 8k

                  Jk, 21 Apr 2021MI 10t is value for the money if you get with good exchange... moreAnd also it has the more sh*tiest camera in any phone
                  I'm using this phone right now ,and I've phones cheaper than this , OnePlus 5t , vivo y51s , Samsung a51
                  And still this phone such a terrible camera it makes me regrets buying this , every single photo I've taken is extremely blurry, no detail or dynamic range what so ever
                  The 144hz and other things are good but already I want to take good photo. in extremely bright environment it might take an ok photo but just when a little bit of light goes does it loses itself
                  GSMArenas review made me think that it might have a passable camera but from personal experience of almosta year ,

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                    • Anonymous
                    • C9a
                    • 17 Jul 2022

                    Anonymous, 13 Jul 2022This is the worst device i ever came across. It's rid... moreIf you don't know how to use a phone don't throw it give to me instead.. ranting in here lols

                      Anonymous, 13 Jul 2022This is the worst device i ever came across. It's rid... more100% agree.
                      Why xiaomi not taking consumer's feedback seriously.
                      I never buy Mi or xiaomi phones

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 6re
                        • 13 Jul 2022

                        This is the worst device i ever came across.
                        It's ridiculously bad .
                        I can't answer calls because it NEVER rings as it's supposed to (it doesn't matter whatever settings i choose, thjs piece of garbage does whatever it wants).
                        I can't call anyone without opening we hat because the screen doesn't lock during calls, but it locks on its own after the call withou letting me hang up.
                        The touch screen display ia insultingly unreliable.
                        Evwry songle native app from xiaomi IT'S FULL OF UNWANTED ADS. Even standard apps like sms and music player are filled to the brim with ads.
                        The software is full of bags and these are just the most evident reasons to take this sorry excuse of a decice smash it to pieces
                        STAY AWAY, TOTAL GARBAGE

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                          • Toju
                          • Nu6
                          • 12 Jul 2022

                          vycka, 24 Jun 2022My mi 10 t phone broken in less 2 years. All data gone. Was your motherboard damaged or something?

                            Miguel Raymundo, 21 Jun 2022No reconoce la banda 5Ghz de la red wi-fi, unicamente la ba... morethat's weird.. specifications says it support 802.11ac

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                              • vycka
                              • a4k
                              • 24 Jun 2022

                              My mi 10 t phone broken in less 2 years. All data gone.

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                                • Milkymilkers
                                • v{u
                                • 24 Jun 2022

                                Honestly The Redmi note 11 pro plus 5g is the best midranger u can get

                                  No reconoce la banda 5Ghz de la red wi-fi, unicamente la banda 2.4Ghz. Mientras otros dispositiivos si reconocen las dos bandas.

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                                    • Nenad81
                                    • 3LF
                                    • 19 Jun 2022

                                    Everything runs faster now after this update.
                                    I like it a lot

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                                      • Nenad81
                                      • 3LF
                                      • 18 Jun 2022

                                      MIUI 13 Android 12
                                      Everything is working just fine.

                                      I've been using it since October

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                                        • PUi
                                        • 14 Jun 2022

                                        Mike43, 08 Jun 2022I just updated to the Miui Global Stable with Andr... moreCan check on display brightness? Ie. Under direct sunlight, etc