Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite to come with 5x camera, new Qualcomm chipset

Yordan, 01 February 2021

Xiaomi released the Mi 11 flagship in the final days of 2020 and rumors are pointing to two more phones joining the family - Mi 11 Lite and Mi 11 Pro. The first one is expected to be slightly less powerful and cheaper, and a leakster revealed some of its specs.

According to the Chinese source, the Mi 11 Lite will have an OLED screen with a punch hole for one selfie camera, a Qualcomm SM7350 chipset, 64MP main cam, and 5x telephoto snapper.

Previously leaked Mi 11 Lite renders without a periscope lens Previously leaked Mi 11 Lite renders without a periscope lens

Each of these features looks interesting - first of all, there is no SM7350 platform by Qualcomm. Some people speculate this is a Snapdragon 755G, built on the 5nm process technology, and its CPU will have one powerful Cortex-A78 core.

The 64MP main cam is a downgrade from the 108MP shooter on the Mi 11 (which is the same sensor + lens as last year’s Xiaomi Mi 10), but this time, it looks like a periscope lens will keep it company. The fancy telephoto camera is a rather expensive component, but Xiaomi has also been doing a conventional 5x telephoto cameras such as the one on the Mi Note 10, which will be more fitting on an upper mid-range handset. However, we also have the Mi 10 Lite Zoom to show that nothing should be ruled out.

We’ll see how this situation unfolds once Xiaomi announces the Mi 11 Lite.

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At this point i think companies should reconsider Lite models. As phones get bigger, Lite models should atleast be more compact devices and a reduction in build quality but keeping some good stuff. Like 90Hz OLED panels,stereo speakers, better mid-ra...

  • sq2013
  • 03 Feb 2021
  • 7Pp

What do you mean? The iPhone 12 mini is 5.4" and considerably bigger than the iPhone SE 2020. There's nearly an inch in the difference.

Yes, the GPU is at the only point that 765G beats 750G, the difference is probably not noticeable in daily use but 750G is a bit more powerful AnTuTu 8 Snapdragon 765G / 750G UPC: 103523 / 115426 GPU: 93915 / 77754 Memory: 65489 / 666...

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