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Xiaomi Mi 2S

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Chinese devs built Android 11 for this 8 years old phone. It's Xiaomi's most legendary device!

  • Dreamz

tenchman, 21 Sep 2017Where can i get such a device with a form factor like this?... moreEbay is best ive fpind for lot years.i just want umder 5 inch screen too.good luck.

  • arnel

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020It just turn off automatically even when battery is around ... moreme too i bought it online 2hand

I purchased a 2/16 variant of Mi 2S for only $8, although it is a refurbished phone, it is still great to be used as a backup phone. But I decided to make it more usable by installing Android 9 (Mokee ROM), flashing Viper4Android and Dolby Atmos, removing unnecessary GApps, at here, I've got a DIY digital audio player. Not to mention that this phone is already 6+ years but still working great and there are still developers who are patient to build and update ROMS for this phone.

  • Anonymous

It just turn off automatically even when battery is around 70% and can't switch on again until you charge it.Why

  • Vlade

Nick, 02 Feb 20184 years later and putting new software was a must, phone be... moreCan you give the link?

  • Wiileewaller

mine still working after 5 years (almost 6)

  • AnonD-754185

It's an impressive design, but they could have done better with the selfie camera. As this reviewer rightly noted - https://www.favshub.com/2018/04/xiaomi-mi-mix-2s.html - it's Xiaomi's next big flagship

  • Nick

4 years later and putting new software was a must, phone became laggy and collected lots of waste memory as misc. in the storage. I put CyanogenMod version 12.1-20161127 with android 5.1.1 and now i can say it is as fast as new, if not even faster and better responding :) Battery still holds quite well, about 20% less than when it was new. Still better than some newer phones on the market (Galaxy J5 2015, 2016...)
PS: I use Galaxy S7 in the last year and a half as my first phone, the Xiaomi did his job very well for the time and now i use it only for my instagram business profile and sometimes for playing games.

  • XiaomiFan

Android 7 Nougat avaible

  • Ferdz

Can i update it to atleast lollipop?

  • tenchman

Where can i get such a device with a form factor like this? I dont't like Smartphones with 5' and up!

  • AnonD-128251

AnonD-574822, 21 Aug 2016Excellent performance for the price, I paid US$300 in summe... moreSince when is 2GB not enough RAM? Especially in 2016!

  • AnonD-128251

How can this be compared to Galaxy Note? Note is a tool for someone who is willing to pay for high quality digitizer, authored by Wacom. Equal power-wise it would cost significantly more and have no real chance on the market.

  • Jh96

Three years with this phone too, good spec and better than a samsung galaxy note 2.

  • AnonD-351246

I use this phone for three years. better than other phones. drawback is that there is no slot for a memory card.

  • AnonD-595943

Same for me, I've been owning this phone for 3 years. Dropped it many times and in toilet too. They were the best xiaomi phone imo. It's sad to see how xiaomi has cut down on build quality since then. Just look at the bend test of the xiaomi mi5, you could never do that with a Mi2s.

  • marpup

i love this phone. i bought it online when it first came out and haven't regretted it since. i'm still using it, 3 years later, it's a beast. i've dropped it in the toilet 3 times, dropped it on the ground countless times, and had a really angry day where i threw it as hard as i could at the wall... it's survived all of these and still works as well as it did the day i received it. my only complaint is that since updating it to miui 8 i am left with little room for apps.

  • Vinayak

How to buy this phone

  • Gaara

AnonD-577661, 28 Aug 2016Does anybody know if you can set up a Wifi hot-spot with th... moreYes you can.