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  • Sean Blinqz

Best phone ever

  • Tobiroppo

I use pe10+ I not complaint, everything okay. Sot with 86 bh got 5 h sot

  • cvv

I wanted to record a longer video -- first, I have to say I upgraded to LineAgeOS, latest version.
When I recorded the video, I found out that only 27 minutes were recorded, which was a 4 GB file. I wish I could have recorded longer.
I am still searching for any option anywhere, where I can say "record video for very long time". Otherwise after 27 minutes the video recording stops.

[deleted post]If you use MIUI on Mi 5s, the fingerprint sensor is bad.

Pixel Experience rom for this Mi 5s now available in Android 10.

Kenickie, 24 Dec 2019I have MIUI 11 on my Mi 5s...+1

  • Kenickie

Hifimaniac, 17 Dec 2019Mi 5s will never receive MIUI 11.I have MIUI 11 on my Mi 5s...

Hifimaniac, 17 Dec 2019Mi 5s will never receive MIUI 11.Just wait for a longer time. If this December not available, maybe should wait till Q1, 2020.

  • Hifimaniac

NikiDroid, 03 Oct 2019Said that, in the news, Xiaomi Mi 5s will receive MIUI 11 ... moreMi 5s will never receive MIUI 11.

User mi5s, 24 Oct 2019Well, i still use mi5s now 😂, i use pe rom pact 5 july 2019... moreVery nice. That Pixel Experience rom is good. The latest I use it was September patch.

  • User mi5s

Well, i still use mi5s now 😂, i use pe rom pact 5 july 2019 and I think this best rom for me. I just changed my battery few week ago with vizz battery and sot in pe 5-6 hours

Well, I had changed my phone to iPhone 6, so no longer use Xiaomi Mi 5s, this group also become silent. People are prefer new phone or better welknown phones.

Said that, in the news, Xiaomi Mi 5s will receive MIUI 11 update in somewhere November. Let's wait and see for who still uses Mi 5s.

Several days ago I updated my phone to Pixel Experience rom patch September security. Nothing change in icon, menu apps and option. All work fine.

Nine months of use now. Till now the phone is still works great.

Well, updated apps I guess need more RAM. So, I think, my next Android smartphone should has 6 GB RAM minimal.

New update of Pixel Experience rom is available on pixelexperience.org. It is based on August 2019 security patch. My phone had updated several hours ago. No problem so far and no new option I found.

I did update using OTA. Using custom rom in Xiaomi so far is better choice for me when you use less than 4 GB of RAM Xiaomi phone. This Pixel Experience rom is better in frequently update compared to MIUI stock rom.

Still using it, with Pixel Experience rom patch July 2019, Android Pie software, works very well so far, unlock fingerprint also works quite fast. I will say, unlock fingerprint using Pixel Experience rom is faster that stock rom MIUI.

MIUI keep updated by them I think doesn't solve problems. So, using custom rom usually is better option than MIUI. If users would like to keep using MIUI, I guess better keep stay in MIUI (Marshmallow).

John, 11 Mar 2018Guys between xiaomi mi 5s vs xiaomi mi note 3? Which will ... moreWell, for me given that option, I will choose Mi Note 3 for sure.

Still using Mi 5s. Android Pie Pixel Experience rom with July 5, 2019 patch security. So far no problem for all functions, burn-in also fixed by rooting and setting RGB color with Kernel Adiutor settings.

I think all or almost all the smartphones there have weakness about LCD burn-in/image retention.

I noticed my Mi 5s have image retention since MIUI 9 and after I finished playing game PPSSPP app. Because the horror game I played too dark, I set brightness my phone to full. Maybe not more than 1 week after that, it became burn-in/image retention.

So, not only AMOLED or OLED LCD can experience the same thing, an IPS LCD also can do that.