Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

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  • Kalamen
  • 7k6
  • 06 May 2018

Only problem is mi phone do not release quickly.

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    • Anonymous
    • y$h
    • 03 May 2018

    Why did they cancel the Plus version ?
    Need at least 6 inch screen on today's 18:9 design

    Even 6.2 inch Samsung S9+ feels "just right" in my hand
    Much better than my old 5.5 inch 16:9 screen

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      • AnonD-748162
      • Nbj
      • 29 Mar 2018

      I have used the original Xiaomi Mi 6 for some time; now its my wife's phone she love it as much as I did and it is still going strong. I now have have HTC U11 and a Apple iPhone 8 Plus. I miss the battery life on the Xiaomi Mi 6, the U11's battery life is horrible. The international version of Xiaomi's MIUI it the BEST (loved it) second only to IOS and in many ways better than IOS. HTC U11's android oreo skin implementation is a NIGHTMARE. Go Xiaomi!! I have never been to China and DO NOT read a word of Mandarin.

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        • Anonymous
        • tDP
        • 10 Sep 2017

        JiSiN, 22 Aug 2017@tudy000 i think you are little overreacting... Of cour... moreiphone has bad ppi. QHD is better for flagship

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          • KillahWhale
          • GAd
          • 27 Aug 2017

          Anonymous, 23 Aug 2017I don't know if this device will be released with this spec... moreObviously, It's just rumored, and some of the components on your phone is made in China, So what's your issue with that??? Racist... Not all from China are Non-durable, They produce and make greater innovations on technology.

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            • Anonymous
            • SvB
            • 23 Aug 2017

            I don't know if this device will be released with this specs and with this name but Xiaomi's big problem is that most of their devices are made only for the Chinese market and rarely get any kind of global updates.
            Last year's equivalent, the Mi5S Plus is still running on Android 6 and that says it all.

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              • JiSiN
              • SaA
              • 22 Aug 2017

              AnonD-82844, 22 Aug 2017what's with the shitty pixel density? my lg g2 has 447. Wtf... more@tudy000
              i think you are little overreacting...

              Of course 386 ppi is the highest density.
              But FullHD resolution on a 5.7" Screen is more than just acceptable.
              My old HTC One (M7) had a pixel density of 469 ppi.. so what?
              Iphone 7 has 326 ppi...

              Positive thing of having FullHD with Snapdragon 835 is that the GPU Performance will be much better and probably also better for the battery-usage.

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                • AnonD-693885
                • Mfy
                • 22 Aug 2017

                Vic4BBM, 03 Jun 2017Flagship device is suppose to be for a those people who are... moreDisagree (partially) with the opinion.
                When purchasing a high end phone, I'll expect it serves MORE (with extra features). If mid/low range has it, why it is missing from high end?

                Yup, there is option to use USB for headphone jack. But the FM radio is MISSING forever (online radio can't replace it).

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                  • AnonD-82844
                  • 0Uu
                  • 22 Aug 2017

                  what's with the shitty pixel density? my lg g2 has 447. Wtf?! and no card slot really? pff garbage.

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                    • wieli
                    • nvZ
                    • 10 Aug 2017

                    If it's a thing it's going to have Android 7+, not 6, that's for sure

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                      • AnonD-425031
                      • D0H
                      • 04 Aug 2017

                      Hi, when this is going to be released, any info please!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XPI
                        • 25 Jul 2017

                        Anonymous, 22 Jul 2017Monalfin, are you day dreamer? Where you found 22 MP camera... moreAtleast this website help many people a lot. One mistake its fine. Everyone does mistake sometime

                          AnonD-543690, 23 Jul 2017Hi , can any one help me when this is going to be release... moreIt is not going to be released because this smartphone is still a rumor...facepalm

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                            • AnonD-543690
                            • wdK
                            • 23 Jul 2017

                            Hi ,
                            can any one help me when this is going to be released in India.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • KSE
                              • 22 Jul 2017

                              AnonD-680114, 09 Jul 2017http://androidtreasure.com/xiaomis-new-flagship-with-snapdr... moreMonalfin, are you day dreamer? Where you found 22 MP camera on Mi 6 plus? Where you found battery 4000mAH? Do not just bluff. Before you put your article, check properly.

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                                • AnonD-680114
                                • Mnh
                                • 09 Jul 2017


                                "It shows features like Snapdragon 8XX (probably Snapdragon 835), UFS storage, DDR4 RAM, 3D glass body, huge display, large battery of 4,000mAh capacity with long stand-by and fast charging, 22-megapixel camera with 4K video shooting support, 4G data connecting, USB Type-C, NFC, IR blaster, and more."

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                                  • AnonD-680114
                                  • Mnh
                                  • 08 Jul 2017

                                  weeebooo, 03 Jul 2017I don't think this will come soon. this phone has been exp... moreIt didn't come out due to snapdraagon 835 shortage.

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                                    • AnonD-680114
                                    • Mfj
                                    • 03 Jul 2017

                                    Various sources state that it will be announced this summer. Probably this month. We'll see.
                                    Moreover, the leakster believes that we would get to see the unveiling of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus, Xiaomi X1 and MIUI 9 ROM in this month.

                                    Read more at: http://www.gizbot.com/mobile/news/new-xiaomi-smartphone-with-snapdragon-660-and-dual-cameras-on-the-way-042203.html

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                                      • weeebooo
                                      • vx6
                                      • 03 Jul 2017

                                      I don't think this will come soon.
                                      this phone has been expected on april, and its july now.
                                      this could have been pretty good phone for xiaomi users.