DxOMark's test of the Mi 9 ends with the best video score ever

Ivan, 20 February 2019

On the day of its launch DxOMark published its review of the Xiaomi Mi 9, praising it as the best Xiaomi phone it has tested and giving it the highest video score of any phone.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 got an overall score of 107, which secures it the third spot in DxOMark's all time ranking, just behind the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro. The Mi 9 got a 112 photo score and the aforementioned highest video score of 99.

In DxOMark's own writing the Xiaomi Mi 9's "target exposure is consistently spot-on, and the camera captures pleasant color with accurate white balance, and without any color shading or other color issues. Noise levels are very well under control in bright light and under typical indoor conditions, and creep up only in low-light situations; and the autofocus system works swiftly and accurately in almost all circumstances."

For video, the Xiaomi Mi 9 outputs stable and very detailed 4K video with low noise.

In their testing DxOMark found that the Mi 9's LED flash does an excellent job, keeping a fine balance between great exposure and color.

Where the Mi 9 could improve is in dynamic range (which is slightly limited), in shadow detail and in highlight contrast. The reviewers note that the Mi 9 produces slightly lower fine detail compared to the iPhone XS Max or Mate 20 Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 9 camera samples by DxOMark Xiaomi Mi 9 camera samples by DxOMark
Xiaomi Mi 9 camera samples by DxOMark

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is the company's first phone with three rear cameras. A regular 48MP 1/2.0" 48MP Sony IMX586, a telephoto 12MP 1/3.4" Samsung S5K3M5 and a super wide-angle 16MP 1/3.0" Sony IMX481.

To know more about the phone and its cameras, check out our full review.


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I hate Huawei junk

How sour the huawei fans are! Huawei fans justcan't stand xiaomi!

What a great huawei fan! Can brag than DOX!

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