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Xiaomi Mi 9X

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If this is the Redmi Note 7 Pro Global, it is completely disappointing, they are cutting several things that make the Redmi Note 7 Pro so desirable

    • S
    • SH94
    • ibg
    • 28 Mar 2019

    Mi 9x aka MiA3 will be far better than redmi note 7.. if the spec stated now is true ,super amoled,nfc and android one will kill other mid range in 300 dollar price range..

    We cannot compare battery one to one with redmi note 7 since super amoled will consume battery much laser than normal IPS LCD..

      Anonymous, 27 Mar 2019 just 64gb rom with no expandable sd card !!!! bad decision... moreYes I agree with you

        • c
        • chris1998
        • HKB
        • 27 Mar 2019

        The only difference I can tell between this and the note7 pro is

        No expandable storage on this
        1 extra camera on MI 9X
        Better face camera
        Worse battery than redmi note 7 pro

        I'm gonna take a wild guess and say, this might be the international variant to the redmi note7 pro, because Xiaomi did say note7 pro won't be sold outside of China or India

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          • Anonymous
          • hyn
          • 27 Mar 2019

          mi 9se 6inch, 3070mah, 20megapixel for front
          mi 9x 6.4inch, 3300mah, 32megapixe for front
          both of them have bad battery
          mi 9x just have 12 megapixels larger for front

          Hmmm...I'd better stick to redmi note 7 pro... better choice...4000battery Qc4...with sd card & good camera

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            • Anonymous
            • QWI
            • 27 Mar 2019

            just 64gb rom with no expandable sd card !!!! bad decision (must be a 8GB/256GB version, this phone deserve it) even poco f1 have 8gb/256gb with expandable sd card

            just 3300mah with 6.4inch, bad battery just like mi a2

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • KAe
              • 27 Mar 2019

              AssassiN, 27 Mar 2019So what is Redmi Note 7 Pro now? 😕This will be costlier than rn7 pro , at least 50-60 $ and also i will take at least take 2-3 more for it to launch so wont affect rn7 pro drastically

                So what is Redmi Note 7 Pro now? 😕