Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X)

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X)

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  • Anonymous

After 2 years using a2 updated on Android 10. Regetted instantly after update. Screen brightness felt down, Bluetooth not working as supposed to, connectivity wifi or data sometimes lost, phone restarting very often by itself, battery sometimes last couple of hours, sometimes a day but rarely. I should never update besides Android 8.

  • bellend

probably the best phone I've owned. has totally replaced my PC! my only gripe is that its big (for the pocket) and lacks NFC (which is why I'm using a nexus 5)

  • Fatima

Perfect phone slim and thin and stylish and loved it apps and experience and camera 📸 portrait mode is just perfect exactly edited photos wowo amazing

  • fedup user

NOT SATISFIED WITH MIA2 DEVICE : I have been using mia2 for 2 years.. there was no problem until today morning. the storage capacity also had 10GB of free space left unused and I believed that there will be no trouble occurs due to virus related issues in my device .. all of a sudden today morning the device got hanged and made me left with 2 choices that are "try again to switch on" or "reset all your data and switch on".. I kept trying on switching on without erasing or reset of my storage data, and finally i was forced to reset the phone and made me unsatisfied with your services.. My rating is 1/5 stars..

Fantastic phone Very thin and light just . 29 inch thickness and 166 gm weight.. optimized wonderfully by google.. So fast... games like Cod run without lag, no heating issues... screen is 4K and so bright.. ultimately Classy phone.. earphone sound from Type C adapter is better than 3.5 mm jack phones, Speaker sound is so loud.. in 2021 also working like charm..

  • umgjpr

Getting around 6 hrs SOT. Replaced old battery with new original battery in INR 750. Phone is awesome even after 2 years. Love the stock android. I use my phone for only everyday tasks and do not play games. All people who are getting battery drain issue, please get your battery replaced.

  • Anonymous

Android one I thought is it good o.s, reality Android one is a bad o.s design program. That's why Google stop making Android one again. It happened again last week, automatic update o.s from Android one. Are there helping us or distroying us from Google Android one?????.

  • Sonia G

I had this phone since 2019 then lost it in 2021. Great camera, light, easy to use. The screen was durable, had dropped it a couple of times and it never cracked ...until 2 months ago.
The only issue I had with this phone was it would overheat when my online meetings carried on longer than 30 minutes.
And also it backed up everything on Google which made me a little uneasy on privacy.
But overall, fantastic phone.

  • John

Tecno dancer, 30 Apr 2021It is better don't update mi a2, I bought 2019 o.s pie... moreMe too...Camera is good..before..
After update.camera before no nice

  • stranger

Harvey186, 15 Feb 2021Why don't use a custom Android 11 GSI. All works perfectwhich one do you suggest?

  • Anonymous

Loved this phone. Sadly now (after ~2 years of usage) the screen is starting to bulge out and the panel looks like it's about to pop off. I'm guessing the battery is swelling, so I suppose it's time for a change.

  • Tecno dancer

It is better don't update mi a2, I bought 2019 o.s pie, everthings is fine, camera is great, but just now automatic update, it looks ok, but the camera was great became down grade photo colors. I learned it will, never update o.s, standard it safe to uses.

  • Farid

Sks, 11 Mar 2021Don't do factory reset on Mi A2 because after factory ... moreThanks

  • Jt

Sks, 11 Mar 2021Don't do factory reset on Mi A2 because after factory ... moreHow do I reset my Mi A2?

  • Rajchin

Sks, 11 Mar 2021Don't do factory reset on Mi A2 because after factory ... moreBro I reset my phone Nov 04-2020 still my phone working.. any problem will come ? 🙄🙄 Plz tel me I Donna about phones if reset my phone it will dead ??

  • Sks

Arj, 13 Feb 2021Correct...the camera has become blurry after the recent upd... moreDon't do factory reset on Mi A2 because after factory reset some users face that their Mi A2 got dead

  • toni

rest in peace my phone . atlast dead 😢

  • j

after the latest update, my battery peeformance decreased dramatically.

  • Harvey186

Why don't use a custom Android 11 GSI. All works perfect

  • A3

User interface gets hanging lot.what to do.some apps gets freezed.any way to rectify it.