Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Pro

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  • Thoheed

I am eagerly waiting that, when be the mi max 4 pro be releases

  • Mion

Also waiting for a phone exactly like this, they really should consider selling it!

  • Violet

Im really waiting for Xioami Mi Max 4 pro plzzzzz ... My penny only worth for it

  • Petius

Since mi max 1 im waiting for an other atleast 6.44 inch cornered screen 16:9 notchles phone, with more ram, and of course with a 3,5mm jack. I gues i rather just swap my battery.

  • Sodik

Waiting Mi Max 4 with 5G connection and under screen camera

  • Patrick

I am still waiting for mi max 4, please launch it..............

  • Mi Max fan

Big shame, that this or something like Mi Max 4 will not come out.

  • Vis

I was so looking forward to this phone...

  • San

I am eagerly waiting for Mi Max 4 Pro. When will it come to India? I have to purchase it immediately. I am already having Mi Max and it is working very impressively and without any complaint since last 4 years. I am extremely satisfied with it. Now I want to purchase Mi Max 4 Pro.

ROBINSON ARTHUR, 10 Jun 2020mi max 4, when its gonna be launched?They announced over a year ago that that line was discontinued.

  • Anonymous

DanSIm, 02 Jun 2020I love this Xiaomi Max 2. It's robust and battery is very b... moreWhen it will come

  • Jim

Xiaomi give us the mi max 4!!! We want this mobile!!! I have the mi max 2 and i am waiting for the big mi max 4 from Xiaomi!!!


mi max 4, when its gonna be launched?

  • DanSIm

I love this Xiaomi Max 2. It's robust and battery is very big. I hope can swap and continue with Max 4 Pro. When it will come?

  • Joe

I hope they bring back the mi max series. It is so beloved to me. I had the mi max 2 and then upgraded to mi max 3 and was anxiously awaiting mi max 4.

  • Rahul

Really waiting for max series mobile..I used max...awesome experience with that...please launch max series mobile...

  • Anonymous

When will be LAUNCH and
Long time I waiting

  • lala

XiaoMi Mi Max 4 should come with a 730G minimum to keep up with the specs. big phones like that should be made for gaming and media consumption so having 730G with 90hz will be great! although it might be tough for 730G to cater to 90hz refresh with a 7" + display.. if they do, they will be one of the best phablet

  • Caz42

MiMax4, 17 Mar 2020I feel U man! Let's make an internet petition for Mi Max 4!Me too. I have Mi Max 1 2 &3 and I want a 7.2 inch Mi Max 4 with a nice fast Snapdragon processor .....please please :-(

  • MiMax4

xiaomiuser, 05 Mar 2020Xiaomi, you have put me in a state of depression. I only wa... moreI feel U man! Let's make an internet petition for Mi Max 4!