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  • Bars

How does it work with call of duty? What max settings can it handle? Is it still good in 2021? I found a good deal and i need quick answers.

  • sayabosanhidup

Cowboy1980, 19 Jun 2021Yes Please!!! I'd go with that. I loved the width and ... moredo nt worry bcos they will definitely do it again & very soon
now that under display camera is available & it will be avail
able to the masses in a year or two or perhaps even faster

this time with many either boxy or rounded corners with
different back camera island will be the majority design
will b d norm till they can come up with something new

  • Alin

I am confused when I see this phone because this phone is made in 2016 And the design looks like it's made in 2020. And the navigation bar looks like the Samsung with the android 9,10,11

Cowboy1980, 19 Jun 2021Yes Please!!! I'd go with that. I loved the width and ... moreMaybe they did, but not as wide as mix 1


  • Cowboy1980

wbpwns, 17 May 2021Mix 2/2s/3 had way more curved corners though and all had s... moreYes Please!!! I'd go with that. I loved the width and feel of the original mi mix! Update the specs in the same form factor and I'd be a customer!

Anonymous, 28 May 2021This device got miui 11?Yes

  • Anonymous

This device got miui 11?

NeonHD, 16 May 2021There's just something about the design approach of th... moreMix 2/2s/3 had way more curved corners though and all had smaller screens and battery than this 1st gen mi mix.

I would reuse this squarish design (although i prefer metal back over ceramic) and put sd888 and just remove chin and put under display selfie camera and possibly increase to 5000 mah battery

There's just something about the design approach of the Mi Mix that looks much more appealing than any teardrop notch or punch hole display.

Maybe it's the square look of it, or the much wider aspect ratio compared to the typical 20:9 of today.

I'd much rather take this form of "bezel-less" than any bezel-less phone with a notch or hole punch.

Sharp Aqous Crystal did it first

Just bought a used mi mix as it's the phone that ended up as the best choice phone with 256gb without notches and possible to install custom rom and most importantly cheapest possible price.

Installed android 11 rom, so far it's smooth. Camera is ok i guess (not really into cameras) but ergonomics-wise i think they should have placed the front cam closer to center (either left or right of isb port) and then adjust the button for taking pics on the software (rather than inverting the phone when taking selfies).

It does get warm faster than most phones I have used.

I wish for mi mix 4 (regular, not foldable) they would reuse this style, these thin bezels and just remove the chin (same thickness in all 4 sides), add 5000 mah or above battery, under display front cam, sd888 chip, wide/ultra wide/telephoto rear cam setup, and between 6.4 to 6.7 inches screen but 18:9 or 20:9 ratio

Don't repeat the mix 2/2s issues (smaller battery, smaller screen from mix 1)

  • Muppensisj

sm1ke, 26 Feb 2021Bought this phone around the time of its release in Nov 201... moreWatch somegadgetguy's videos for informal review.
But I would suggest a Sony Xperia 1 or a Xperia 5. The first generation had to small battery for me, but the second gen seems to have it all. :)

(Still kinda wished there was a new mi mix with the same sized screen)

Bought this phone around the time of its release in Nov 2016. It's been fine for my needs for over 4 years, and I've only now just started to look for a replacement, mainly because I dropped the phone once about two years ago and cracked the screen. The phone still works great and I probably would just keep using it if I wasn't sick of looking at the crack on the screen. I just ordered a new screen for it and will attempt a DIY screen replacement when it arrives, but will likely replace it in the near future for an S21 Ultra or other Android-based flagship.

What's the usb version? 2.0 or 3.1?

  • Zeeshan

rhey, 04 Jan 2020Hi hows the camera coz in reviews most are tellings its bad... moreI bought mi mix 6gb ram 256 gb varient brand new before 2.5 years. I used samsung, sony, nokia, and mototolla android phones but this phone is worldclass no1 phone for me. My phone is working perfectly fine no issues at all. Every thing is working fine. Lcd headphone jack evey thing. I never repair my phone. When people see my phone they its still looks new. Battery timing earphone sound is perfect. People complain about cameras i dont agree. Cameras are way better than even 2020 phones.

  • Saif

Why its draining too much..its camera is disappointing

  • i

this phone still slaps

  • HergiePagz

mileb, 08 Jul 2020Hello, Can you please explain the procedure How to do this... morehttps://www.getdroidtips.com/havoc-os-xiaomi-mi-mix/

I guess I will just leave it here... other custom roms have thermal throtling issues...

  • superas

HergiePagz, 05 Jul 2020I'm still using it as of this moment... I rooted my p... morewhere did you get that android 10 custom rom?

  • mileb

HergiePagz, 21 Dec 2019Root the phone... Install Custom Rom with API2 and use Goog... moreHi,
Yes but how ? Please explain