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  • Munehaus
  • 7Wk
  • 03 Apr 2023

These phones are a couple of years old now so be aware if you buy them, spare batteries seem completely unobtainable in the EU. Given the original battery turned into a spicy pillow in just two years, that's a completely unacceptable lack of support.

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    • Zigi
    • arT
    • 08 Feb 2023

    Anonymous, 07 Feb 2023Bought 2019, I've had no problem with the magnets (tho... moreNew rom? Why if i can ask, and what website would be beat to download it

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      • Anonymous
      • H5B
      • 07 Feb 2023

      Zigi, 07 Feb 2023I have an option to buy this phone now for 120bucks,do yall... moreBought 2019, I've had no problem with the magnets (though I haven't taken loads of selfies).
      $120?! Do it; just flash it with a new rom when you get it though.
      I'm really happy to see this phone was loved by other as much as myself.

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        • Zigi
        • arT
        • 07 Feb 2023

        I have an option to buy this phone now for 120bucks,do yall think its worth it? Beacuse im not sure, Im worried that magnets are going to break

          Andy, 12 Sep 2022I just can't express enough how good this phone is. I&... moreAgreed. I hate all these notches and holes. Pop up cameras and sliders are 100% the way to go. UD cameras are a close second.

          I wish the designers responsible for getting rid of all the pop ups and sliders were all fired. Now you can't buy a good phone.

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            • Andy
            • I@H
            • 12 Sep 2022

            I just can't express enough how good this phone is. I've had it since it's release in november 2018 and i still cannot find anything to replace it since. Here's why (in no particular order)

            1. The slider works like a miracle. The fastest mirror you can have in your pocket. Just slide it down and you have instant access to the selfie camera that doubles as a mirror if you need to check your face real quick. Its been 4 years, i rarely use the front camera but the magnets still have the same satisfying movement. Slider means no punch holes or notches, too!

            2. Finger print sensor on the ceramic back has zero latency and the phone is immediately turned on the home screen as you pick it up. No two button pressing or face reading necessary. Just natural slide of a finger to the ceramic back and you're in your last app/home screen. I use my phone without a case and that ceramic back finger print sensor i just perfectly placed.

            3. Cameras still holds up (2022). I cannot tell a clear difference with new flasghips. The telephoto couldve been better, but this phone was so affordable compared to other flagships during its release.

            4. Software and snapdragon 845 is still a beast!
            5. Quick charge is so good.
            6. Phones dac foe music is just so good.

            Its a shame they shied away from this slider design. Im also not in favor of moving finger print sensors that double as a power button. I wish they could bring those back to newer models. I want a new slider model. Sigh.

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              • Maxx
              • KgZ
              • 27 Aug 2022

              Fully retired. 2019→2022. No doubt, best 2018 flagship phone. Excellent camera 10/10. Futuristic design. Overall performance was great. Battery is bad for heavy use but everything is perfect. Best feature is it's portrait camera... People always ask me if I have a DSLR camera but no... Its just mi mix 3 doing its job. Cant afford Mi Mix 4 so I might stick to lower ends until price drops.

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                • Adomix
                • N1d
                • 12 Jul 2022

                I have been a proud owner of this phone Since the release of the international version. This phone has served me well and lasted through all the heavy use i put it through. I have done a lot of street photography with it and I kept getting asked about the phone to this day whenever I photographed portraits or scenery. The sliding mechanism was always a nice conversation starter. a 10/10 phone that will now retire and enter my shelf of fame of great pieces of engineering as it's screen died a few days ago.

                I got to admit that I find it really hard to decide on which phone will replace it as my daily driver and I guess that most of you guys are having the same issue in this time and period.

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                  • Arss
                  • JG%
                  • 15 Jun 2022

                  Brown, 28 Mar 2022I want to buy the screen and motherboard of Xiaomi m1 mix 3 phone that challenges the new generations with really amazing top performance

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                    • Yoplait
                    • E2S
                    • 18 Apr 2022

                    One of the best phone I have ever had. Very robust, only minor scratches and 3 years without any issue.
                    As mentionned, the battery is quite small and I decided to replace it myself few month back. Not complicated at all. Except from the battery, the weight can be an issue for some people (even though most of the modern phones tend to be bigger).
                    Thanks Xiaomi for this phone, 100% happy of my purchase. I don't know which phone will be my next one.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3RU
                      • 08 Apr 2022

                      MRM, 22 Mar 2022Does anyone know about next Update? Mix 3 stuck on MIUI 12... moreGo ahead and flash a custom ROM on your device, as it's not supported anymore.

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                        • Brown
                        • XBA
                        • 28 Mar 2022

                        I want to buy the screen and motherboard of Xiaomi m1 mix 3

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                          • MRM
                          • a3b
                          • 22 Mar 2022

                          Does anyone know about next Update?
                          Mix 3 stuck on MIUI 12.0.2 And Android 10!!!!!
                          This is bad for Previous version of Mix Flagship Line!!!

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                            • Wrathgor
                            • nx3
                            • 31 Jan 2022

                            I have the 5G version with Snapdragon 855. One of the best phones I have ever had. For selfies, this phone is great. The rear camera takes great photos in daylight too. Battery life is below average as everyone mentioned.

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                              • Nuron
                              • ftK
                              • 02 Jan 2022

                              freeDom21, 09 Nov 2021Replace the battery then, not difficult :) I did, works lik... moreHey Mate, can you share links to battery source as my only reservation is the weakening battery.
                              My Mix3 is 3years now still solid and running smooth. No regrets.

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                                • Monalisa
                                • RqR
                                • 16 Dec 2021

                                My Mix 3 is exactly 3 yrs old today! Still a beast, barely any scratches. I rooted this when it was just 1mo old (currently unrooted but still running custom ROM). I'll turn this to a media player/caster when I'm ready to let it go. One of my smartest decisions buying this in 2018, even if I was broke af then. :D

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                                  • JezkoDezko
                                  • phj
                                  • 20 Nov 2021

                                  Im proud owner of this phone for 2 years. Im thinking about some upgrade, but I can not find any! Only Mix4 probably, but Mix4 is big and heavy.

                                  Full screen display is these days more valuable than salt or gold. Sliding mechanism is even more unique. Double selfie camera with flashlight even even more!

                                  Guys, Mi Mix 3 is awesome!

                                    Cubed, 06 Aug 2021That's the only drawback to this phone in my opinion. ... moreReplace the battery then, not difficult :) I did, works like charm for new user.
                                    Don't buy cheapest, I've payed about 20$.
                                    Camera is amazing with right gcam mod. Even same sensor /similar lens like Mi 8, I get better results with mix 3.

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                                      • Cubed
                                      • XEY
                                      • 06 Aug 2021

                                      IceKek, 15 Jul 2021Is the battery life good?That's the only drawback to this phone in my opinion. The battery life is really bad. Every other thing is great especially the camera.

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                                        • IceKek
                                        • 3I{
                                        • 15 Jul 2021

                                        MaxMaxcoo, 13 Jul 2021Mi mix camera still very competitive. No midrange phone in ... moreIs the battery life good?