Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 gets a 103 DxOMark score, boosted by 108 for photos

Ivan, 25 October 2018

DxOMark were quick to give the freshly announced Xiaomi Mi Mix 3's dual camera a detailed run.

Xiaomi's latest and greatest posted a combined score of 103 which breaks down to a 108 photo and 93 video score.

For reference, the combined score of 103 matches the Samsung Galaxy Note9 but sits below the iPhone XS Max (105) and Huawei P20 Pro (109). The photo score of 108 more or less matches the Galaxy Note9's 107 photo score.

DxO praised the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3's reliable and fast autofocus - in both stills and video - the dual camera's wide dynamic range and accurate white balance, and vivid colors.

What took away points was the relatively high level of noise in both video and stills. Some color banding was also noted in some indoor scenes.

For the full, detailed report go to DxOMark's website.


Reader comments

huawei is going to make an honor phone just like this sooo.....

  • AnonD-732843
  • 28 Oct 2018
  • 0p}

Ikr? But we'll still keep reading anyway :)

Pixel, Sony, Iphone & Mate 20 (master AI off).

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