Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

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  • Dpg


why not sd card? why???

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi x Samsung, $2800 you better buy city car

  • Masterman

dbjungle, 24 Sep 2019I wonder how much it would cost if it just had the right hand pa... moreThe main cost is likely the titanium used for the phone, manufacturing titanium is not a trival process. So too the ceramic used. The curved screen is likely to be cheap in comparison. probably cheaper than 2 screens.

Look nice, but price is too expensive.

  • Gayong

DLT 501, 25 Sep 2019This wasn't created for people to buy. It was created to be admi... moreTotally agree. This is not revolutionary nor innovation, far from it. It is gimmicky at highest point just to be looked different from others whereby in terms of usage and practicality, it has very little benefits to users.

  • Anonymous

Dear Xiaomi where's pocophone 2? Please equip it with super AMOLED, sd 855+, audio jack, SD card slot, two speakers, UFC and will buy it 3000€ instead of this phone

  • Anonymous

harveyhans, 25 Sep 2019what langauge are you speaking inEnglish

If it has a Super AMOLED display then it's made by Samsung, as the 'Super' is their branding. Samsung are giving their tech to other companies first, including the camera sensor on this device. It's a shame to see Samsung do this, but I guess they get a lot of heat from reactionary people when they make far out there devices like this. It's just amusing to see people here praising Xiaomi for this display when it isn't theirs.

  • Anonymous

Why though?

This device looks awesome. The problem I have with is the 384khz audio. Can't believe it...

Looks awesome but gimmicky and crazy expensive. Nah

DLT 501, 25 Sep 2019This wasn't created for people to buy. It was created to be admi... morewhat langauge are you speaking in

I feel like this phone is only for high-class people as it is very fragile and needs too much care because of the glass exterior

This wasn't created for people to buy. It was created to be admired. Probably put in museums or behind theft proof showcases. This is great, but you see that price? No go area... The engineering behind the phablet is so sick. Time for Zack to rig this thing... Where is Dbrand?... Get us a case ...lol. Thumbs up XIAOMI. you've outdone yourself. No competition

  • Bruce

Guys can you just appreciate the accoplishment in pulling off such a design and thinking out of the box, and not complain about the price.
Remember Mi Mix lead the way in going almost bezelless and everyone else followed.
Well Done Xiaomi.

  • Andrew

And then US will ban Xiaomi just like Huawei :/

  • Michael

Mohamed Shaheen, 24 Sep 2019It is too big and very expensive I prefer iphone if i will buy... moreIt’s the same size of iPhone Pro max it’s just cause the display curves around

That screen size number is kind of deceiving since it's measuring the whole display to the back and not just the front, making it seem like it's huge but in reality is near the height of a OnePlus 7 Pro

  • Goma

Kosta, 24 Sep 2019WTF? 8"? This is not a smartphone this is a tablet!!!No its not. Do ur research and look at the dimensions of the whole phone.