Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

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Well in next 5 years will be Huawei and Xiaomi fighting for the top 1 smartphone maker.
Other competitors cant even try to catch,

  • Aventis

Corning gorilla glass??

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019the most stupid design ever created Why because you never invented a thing???

Dishonored, 24 Sep 2019A huge screen But no jack And not even a bigger battery... moreBatery is big enough and for sake of the future jack was removed.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019i thought it will bring great surprised since max was gone,... moreMan for NFC you can download app from google play which will works same. IR blaster is useless gimmick for lazy people which are lazy to use remote which came with the device.
In future like wireless era jack is really useless and obsolette and bad for IP resistnce.
The sopeaker is inbuild insiide in other words t will be i mean device will be hearing from all sides aspects etc.
And 4050 mAh is big enough. SD8955+ is not very powerhungry.

Well who woud ever thought the Xiaomi will deliver most of the inventiion of year 2019.
When comes to technology a company which usualy copy and paste like everybody does to say presented a phone worth the attention of the kings, queens and the presidents and governments of all of the world.
This is alpha, Alpha and Omega at the same time.
Xiaomi welcome to the future.

  • Anonymous

Koko, 25 Sep 2019You mist be at your younger age! Phone sizes have increased... moreLook at the actual size of the icons on the screen or the PPI (where the resolutions are the same of course). In many cases, not all admittedly, and the only real difference is the extra real estate at the top and bottom of the screen. This partly to compensate for the lack of phsyical buttons at the bottom of the screen and partly bragging rights for sales. So what does all this mean? If you take a 16:9 picture or video and display it on an old phone it will fill the screen and be the same size in some cases as newer phones that have bigger screens. The only real difference will be the black bars at the sides. Of couse we now also have the issues of notches and holes in the screens for selfie cameras too.

Yo, 24 Sep 2019No stereo speakers at this price. Sorry xiaomiMan the speaker is inside the phone.
In terms of use the sound comes from all sides of the device in other words it will be like stereo speaker everywhere.

  • Koko

Whackcar, 25 Sep 2019I'm sorry to say, but you're the ignorant one. Phone sizes ... moreYou mist be at your younger age! Phone sizes have increased in the last 5 years..

  • Adnan Khan

Shouldn't be more than 1900$, Yeah it is worthy but not more than that...

  • Anonymous

Out of Control, 25 Sep 2019If it has a Super AMOLED display then it's made by Samsung,... moreur just messed up bro chill..

  • Bill George

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2019LOL! All that tech and still no OIS haha. And the price tag... moreit has OIS bro chill..bt not mentioned here

  • Universe

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2019Dear Xiaomi where's pocophone 2? Please equip it with super... morebro, that's not gonna happen! Still expensive if Amoled, plastic glass back.. specially to SD855+? it's like Pocophone F1 double the price lmaooooo

  • Universe

lmaoo as expected.. much expensive than Samsung Fold.. xD

  • bhhh

DLT 501, 25 Sep 2019This wasn't created for people to buy. It was created to be... moreXiaomi Mi MIX Alpha it is a smartphone that, regardless of its usability, has left users and experts in the work amazed and intrigued: a device like this had never been seen before. A terminal that is equipped with a screen that covers most of the structure and also seems ready to offer a series of software features to make the most of the smartphone. Xiaomi says it cost to reach this result lots of work and commitment, also in economic terms.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: investments
About two years of work they have seen more than 1000 engineers engaged in the development project of this smartphone and beyond: Xiaomi has spent about 60 million euros to be able to carry out Mi MIX Alpha and stated that it has a projected € 1.3 billion to invest in research and development to continue to improve the product.

Mind-boggling figures that suggest Xiaomi's intentions: Mi MIX Alpha is not a "concept phone" launched just to tease the public and attract attention. The Chinese giant wants to improve the first edition of the smartphone "all screen" e spread it in mass.

We remind you that the first production batch of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is already in production, but it is a relatively small number of units. No one knows when it will come on the market, but his price it will be quite high: around € 2600 will be needed to buy one.

  • Anonymous

How to hold the phone without touching some part that you don't want to touch ?

  • Mnegs

I want this phone to my hand, it feels like future.

  • Daniel

Now, back camera and front camera under display , and flash on botton of the phone like professionals, and make it 200% display screen! so we are in the future!!! of hell yaaaaaaaaaa~!~~~ omg still witing for this so many years...

Whackcar, 25 Sep 2019I'm sorry to say, but you're the ignorant one. Phone sizes ... moreprobably what the guy you mentioned before thought that compact phones (such as iphone 5 or xperia compact line ups) are the smartphone. Anything bigger than those phones (such as iphone 6), he considered them as tablets (LOL). That means, he has small hands and fingers