Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

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Looks nice, I want one of them. Looking forward for my x-mas present

  • Anonymous

Alex213, 16 Oct 2019Brand recognition bro. Brand recognition. No other phone ha... moreOh. Ok. Uniqueness, I understand that.

  • X

This is the ugliest notch i've ever seen ;)

  • Alex213

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2019Yeah, I mean y the fwck would u need the phone to be the sc... moreBrand recognition bro. Brand recognition. No other phone has that.

Nicer looking than my Mi Max 3 but why would I want to set down from the 5500mah of battery power I have now and pay 8X more for a novelty.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 20192500 Euro ? such a nice BULLSHIT ! Yeah, I mean y the fwck would u need the phone to be the screen (only screen). Y Xiaomi, y ?

  • jack

Krisbenea, 12 Oct 2019I wish it'll have 3,5mm port, ah come on xiaomi, give it ir... moreI can get over most of them, so no 3.5mm headphone jack i can work with as bluetooth headphones are cheap but nfc? i need that for payments and also for checking the balance of my public transport card. a piece of tech i was just getting accustomed to!

This Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha looks like Huawei Mate X when it is closed. As well as the use of the camera.

  • Anonymous

2500 Euro ? such a nice BULLSHIT !

I wish it'll have 3,5mm port, ah come on xiaomi, give it ir blaster and fm radio too, NFC and take my momey

  • Agent47

It's amazing that even in a phone like this, they still couldn't provide OIS.

Susan, 10 Oct 2019I am using iPhone XS Max and I am not going to buy it rathe... moreNone of those phones are comparable to this phone. This is a concept phone, except it will be possible to purchase it at a limited quantity.

Xiaomi has plenty of ordinary phones to compete with standard type phones like those you mentioned.

You've completely missed the point about this phone and it isn't the correct device for you.

  • Susan

Marco M, 09 Oct 2019The complete spec list of this phone is not yet released, s... moreI am using iPhone XS Max and I am not going to buy it rather I would like to buy 2 iPhones with this price. I just comment on this because the price is very high compared to its features with other phone features like iPhone, Samsung, Onelpus.

  • Dipu bhai

This mobile will not capture market because Battery is only 4000mah. It should have 5000mah or above.

Susan, 09 Oct 2019No IPS rate, no HDR10, NO DCI-P3, no stereo speakers, no Do... moreThe complete spec list of this phone is not yet released, so it may have NFC and it likely supports HDR as its predecessors, he clearly stated that the rest of the details will follow, but they focused on some of its key aspects for now.

DCI-P3 is a color space, and of course it is supported we just don't know the percentage it covers.

Atmos on phones is just about supporting the format, you don't actually get any Atmos experience and no one plays blu-ray on their phones. None of the videos on Youtube, snapchat, instagram, webbrowsers supports Atmos. When casting Netflix etc, it's the receiving device that must support Atmos. Stereo headphones with atmos isn't for me. Generally speaking I don't like using headphones. I just use NC headphones on airplanes and that's about it.

For a proper Atmos experience that you need a proper setup, I have a 7.1.4 Atmos setup and it's great.

Stereo speakers I guess is something for phone gamers, and perhaps teens in general? There are other devices aimed for that demographic, in Xiaomi's lineup there the Blackshark series.

All phones can't cater to all groups of smartphone users. And thankfully they don't, because then they would all be even more similar than they already are.

I personally don't care about IP rating as water damage is never supported by warranty anyways, but I do appreciate measure taken to secure the phone from moisture. Looking at recent Xiaomi devices, we can see that they do protect them from water by using rubber seals etc, same as IP rated devices, just without the extra cost related to the IP rating.

The reason this phone will have a high price tag is related to production volume. It's a limited edition device for those especially interested and whose needs are met by this device. It's as simple as that. For users with a strong focus on camera, this is looking to be a brilliant option. It's got a massive sensor and Xiaomi's effort in the camera department has significantly improved over the years.

It's not for those who want a dual speaker device with loads of bezels to fit them. I was going to suggest you either get an Asus ROG or OnePlus 7 Pro instead if that is what you desire, though I noticed there's no IP rating on those. So I can understand that your a little upset that there aren't many devices with the feature you are looking for. I think the OP7Pro does have protection in place, despite no rating, but feel free to check Jerryrigeverything's video on it to be sure.

  • Dickson

It should has a 5000mah or higher, that price with just the average 4k is meh

  • Susan

No IPS rate, no HDR10, NO DCI-P3, no stereo speakers, no Dolby Atmos sound, no wireless charging. It's not a complete package seriously. why people will spend $2500+ on this?

Regarding Xiaomi phones, sometimes we forget about price range. That's the greatness of Xiaomi. You'll always finish comparing them with higher end smart phones. Can you see it? They have few serious rivals in mid-range space. Usually, top five brands offered paper toilette at the same price, while Xiaomi still offers similar specs and performance to higher end. Now, Top five are looking back to the mid-rangers and Xiaomi strikes with a real galactic concept for the wealthiest. If it works as they said, the rich will go for it as flays, and Xiaomi always delivers if Mi Mix is the moniker.
PD: Older Mi MIX and Mi phones price going down, so...

  • Jorge

Don´t have what I most like aboutin Xiaomi, which is the infrared sensor!

  • BAS

That's about $3,000 American..... really?!?!?🤪