Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold disassembled and used to build a tiny model of Shanghai

Ro, 26 October 2021

In a new promo video, Xiaomi shows off the Mi Mix Fold's internals but that's not your ordinary disassembly video.

Using the phone's parts, the artist builds a tiny replica of some of the buildings and a bridge in Shanghai. Remember the Mi 11 disassembly video where the phone turned into a dragon sculpture? This one is very much along the same lines.

Sadly, the Weibo post doesn't go into details about how many devices have been used for the build or how many hours or days it took to make the tiny models. In any case, it's impressive, it looks nice and gives us a rather unorthodox view of what's inside the Mi Mix Fold.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It was such fun to watch :)

  • Anonymous

it's not Shanghai tho

  • just-to-post-this

Breaking an expensive device which is hardly at consumer level and creating something by destroying it's components cannot be art for sure. Art of destruction at best. Why not do the same thing from broken phones and salvaged parts? That would h...

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