Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold refresh said to be in the works with minor improvements

Vlad, 07 October 2021

Xiaomi's first foldable smartphone, the aptly named Mi Mix Fold, was released in the Chinese market back in April and has so far stayed exclusive to the maker's own country. While we have no news about any Xiaomi foldable launching internationally just yet, today a new rumor from China claims the company is in fact working on a slight refresh of the original Mix Fold.

This won't be a Mix Fold 2 per se, as it's basically the same device as the first one, just with a few tweaks. One of those tweaks has to do with the screens, and their refresh rates - this improved version will have 90 Hz on the internal screen and 120 Hz on the external screen (compared to 60/90 Hz on the original).

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold refresh said to be in the works with minor improvements

Furthermore, an under-display camera will make an appearance, although the leakster didn't mention under which screen. So we assume we're talking about the internal, foldable display, which in the original Mix Fold had no selfie camera at all.

Next up, the new Mix Fold is apparently getting support for 120W fast charging (up from 67W), for its 5,000 mAh battery - which is interestingly 20 mAh smaller than that of its predecessor.

Those are all the changes, which is why we mentioned this would be a minor refresh and nothing huge. Still, all of these additions may help Xiaomi compete better with the coming onslaught of foldables from other Chinese companies (and Samsung too if it ever decides to sell the Mix Fold outside of China).

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Yes Mix Fold is cheaper but Z Fold is better not much more expensive and also Mix Fold is China exclusive currently

Eevrn though people say mrwhosetheboss is paid reviewer I'm pretty sure it's obvious he isn't cuz he mentions the cons and nitpick alot too. Ps I just checked him and he does tseem to bad but yea

  • Anonymous
  • 07 Oct 2021
  • KZK

Tell that to his LG V60 review video. It felt so half-arsed and Samsung-biased.

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