Xiaomi Mi Note 10 long-term review

GSMArena team, 04 Feb 2020.


Look, ma - cameras! Cameras everywhere! Mi Note 10 intriguingly houses not one, not two, not three - bear with us here - not four, but five shooters. And that includes the world's first commercially available 108MP smartphone camera, a number that's bound to become a staple on more high-end phones this year.

With that in mind you may be thinking that the Mi Note 10 is Xiaomi's latest flagship smartphone, but... it's more complicated than that. This is one of the toughest handsets we've had to wrap our heads around here at GSMArena towers, because while most of the package screams 'top of the line', there are some parts that are not.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 long-term review

So it's a mixed bag from the get-go, just by looking at its spec sheet. Adding more confusion is the fact that the Mi Note 10 is also more expensive than the company's previous 'flagship killer' phones making it even harder to decide what it's after. Why did the company feel the need to revive its Mi Note line in 2019 with this particular model?

These are questions we wanted answers to so badly that we decided the only way to try and make actual sense of the Mi Note 10 and make all of our confusion go away would be to use the phone for a prolonged period of time as our one and only daily driver, and see what's what.

Hence, this long-term review was born, and we welcome you over the next few pages where we'll dive deep into what it's like to live with the Mi Note 10 day in and day out. Hopefully by the end you'll get an idea of whether this is the smartphone for you, and also what Xiaomi was trying to accomplish by launching it. So buckle up, and let's get going!

Reader comments

3 rear cameras is enough for me. Don't need useless 2mp micro and bokeh. Fone makers should just give us main,wide and telephoto lenses at the rear

There are many mobile phone users - perhaps more the older generation, who are not interested in playing the latest, most power hungry 3D game, but who want a phone with a decent camera so they don't need to lug an SLR and multiple lenses around...

  • Mike

Why is it that the initial review's photos were significantly better and sharper, it's as if this test unit is faulty. Review is not in line with other camera tests