Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

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  • Rv

Been using this phone for nearly 2 years in EU. Battery life is good, camera is good - expect minor focus issues when trying to get a fast photo. Cameras sometimes at close up shots, cant decide what lens to use, goes back and forth. Frame has got minor scuffs here and there, good quality overall. Software has been all over the place, some updates makes it smoother, some slower etc, poor ram management for 8gb ram (all optimizations are off from xiaomi). Signal is good, call quality is decent. The single bottom speaker is poor imo. Bought the phone new at launch for 879€ incl.tax. Verdict xiaomi needs to fix their software and hardware combination - my next phone for 2 years isn't going to be a xiaomi phone definetely.

  • Ahmad

Have been using the phone since 8 months. Excellent battery time. An outstanding camera indeed. One of the best camera i have ever used on a smart phone so far. No complaints...

  • Anonymous

WolfofTondo, 30 Jul 2021Agree with this.. I have same issue, and I know many more h... moreNo issues, works great have had it for 2 years.

  • WolfofTondo

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2020worst phone ever period. I don't know why nobody is gi... moreAgree with this.. I have same issue, and I know many more having the same. Xiaomi?? no respond or official statement about this.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone 5G?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2021Hello, does anyone have phone recommendation? What do y... moreMi Note 10 pro has far superior Camera as compared to Redmi Note 10 pro. Other specifications are almost the same.

  • Anonymous

Excellent Battery time...
Outstanding Camera....no doubt about it..

  • Anonymous

CBRTricolor, 19 Jul 2021Use the warranty, I had same problem, eventually the camera... moreWrost decision i ever made... M regreting for buying this note 10 pro

  • CBRTricolor

SashTH, 21 Mar 2021Hi, i bought this phone 2 months ago and sometimes when i o... moreUse the warranty, I had same problem, eventually the camera stop working. They changed mine, on the first week. I've been using for one and half year and didn't have any problems with it

  • CBRTricolor

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021Does mi note 10 pro support wireless charging??No.

  • Anonymous

Hello, does anyone have phone recommendation? What do y'll prefer or what phone is much better between these two? Xiomi Mi Note 10 pro or Xiomi Redmi Note 10 pro? Thankyou!

  • Anonymous

Does mi note 10 pro support wireless charging??

SashTH, 21 Mar 2021Hi, i bought this phone 2 months ago and sometimes when i o... moreI believe he meant that there are no SD 888 version of Mi Note 10 Pro dude.. his not literally saying there are no Snapdragon 888

Davieson50, 19 Apr 2021Please friends between Xiaomi MI note 10 and Xiaomi redmi n... moreIf you need camera versatility (complete camera options with good quality on each lenses) then Mi note 10 is your choice
If 1 good camera is enough for you, need flat display, dual stereo speakers and cheaper price tag, then Redmi Note 10 Pro will be your perfect choice..
in terms of design it is up to your taste..
both phone got similar performance and battery life
In case you need great camera with great performance, you may as well go to Mi 10 Pro

  • Shah

Have been using Mi note 10 pro for almost 4 months. Really satisfied with the performance. Display is good. Battery life more than your requirement and Camera is really really stunning specially in the zooming aspect. A Happy and satisfied owner of Mi 10 pro....

  • Roman

I used to have it for 1 year but got it stolen a few days ago. The phone is great and I miss it, great performance, great camera and battery life, only bad display because of edges, all protective glasses will not work here, and my phone fell on the ground once and display cracked a bit but I was using it without problem and for next 4 months... Tried to use a new Redmi note 10 pro for 3 days but I gave it to my mother and kept using my phone...

Huawei P40 pro or Mi note 10 pro or Mi 10 pro which is the best or any suggestions for best photophone??

  • Anonymous

5260 mAh is still a huge battery

  • Nerr

Aslam Qureshi, 05 May 2021Pls try this one. MCG by BSG It will w... moreMCG by BSG version works great. Thanks

  • Aslam Qureshi

Nerr, 04 May 2021Hello, which gcam is the best.? I tried few and none of th... morePls try this one.
It will work without problems.
You may also try this
Gcam 7.3.018 by Burial
Version 11.
All lenses working in both.
I will b pleased to further assist.