Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

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  • Ak

Call mute not working with oppo coloros.

  • Guardian

You have to attention what you are paying for, you are not buying an apple watch! an apple watch costs 4 times this. so Why the heck would you expect all the apple watch features. I got this watch since I wanted a watch. tracking my work outs was also necessary. it also looks very good. I never looked to answer my calls with my watch! everyone can hear you! wtf....

  • Max

For past few years I have an impression that Xiaomi is just trying to milk the hell out of the first very successful Amazfit Pace. Since then they produced a ton of different models which are just the same old Amazfit Pace with different looks, fancier displays and very minor improvements in functionality.
I have the second Amazfit Stratos (Amazfit Pace 2), and there is literally no point for me to upgrade to any of the new models as it is the same stuff, with different looks. I was kind of happy with mine, even though it had and still has many issues, especially after some updates - like OS crashes, mysterious battery drain even when not in use, inaccurate sensors, display burn-in (which is kinda unusual for and LCD).
So all in all, next time I would definitely look for some different brand.

  • Anonymous

Call Received & Rejection is it available

  • Anonymous

david, 12 Oct 2020is someone using it? can you please tell me its battery tim... moreYes, I am using it. Please do not waste your money on it. It has a lot of drawbacks. You can not read or reply for the notifications received on your mobile. You can not pick up the calls from watch. You can only make the call silent or reject it. No other option for call as of now. Watch face storing memory is v.little, only 20-25 watches can be installed at single time. Installing other, you need to delete any previous watch face first. Battery back up is for 4-5 days only... This time xiaomi product is not upto the mark. It is just a fitness bank not have 10,000 worth. Please think again before purchasing. Secondly, I gave 1 star rating after this purchase at xioami app but it is not displaying at xiaomi app portal. Xioami hides negative feedbacks and misleading customers. Please apply your mind and recheck the key features.

Thank You

  • Anonymous

david, 12 Oct 2020is someone using it? can you please tell me its battery tim... moreBattery is super. It comes for more than 3-4 days.

  • david

is someone using it? can you please tell me its battery timing and overall features? is it worth it?

  • Ravi

As I understand, Amazfit GTS 2 and GTR 2 are with 4GB RAM (Amazfit is sister company of Xiaomi). They are also having microphone and speaker. You can take calls. The price range is almost same. Can't understand why Xiaomi failed to implement these features are not included in their own brand watch. Further, Mi Band 5has a feature of auto detection mode of exercises. This is also missing in Mi Revolve.
Please think before buying and Amazfit/Mi watch. They have only one service centre in India at Gaziabad and they will never respond to your calls. And, there is no hope for any support after the one year warranty period which am facing right now. Wondering why our Govt is allowing these companies to operate in India without proper customer service centres.

  • Anonymous

userbenchmark, 30 Sep 2020stainless steel and plastic back wait that's illegalLol

  • Ak

It's work with call function

stainless steel and plastic back
wait that's illegal

  • Anonymous

what is the processor?

  • Khan

Mirancello, 24 Aug 2020The clock is OK. But if you have several messages (WhatsApp... moreAgree ,, that was example difference between Proprietary wearable OS Vs wear OS+Samsung OS+Apple OS. Proprietary wearable lack of smart wear system. Think twice before buy, you will regret if you some advance smart watch

Seems too small

  • Mirancello

The clock is OK. But if you have several messages (WhatsApp) received you can NOT read them (see only the number of messages). The text is displayed only if you have only one message. Disappointed...

  • meti

i'm have mi watch color, not wifi and gps in device!

Xiaomi is not going to announce it. I think it's cancelled

  • Anonymous

Nice watch but... sadly there is almost no memory on board; just a few kilobytes (KB!!). The OS leaves a lot to be desired; WEAR OS might be better but not really. What "is needed" is some serious memory; 32 GB would be good AND an OS that allows for maps to be downloaded for tracking trail runs/rides off road. Otherwise, good idea but no go! & FAIL.

  • Shamujas

This device wifi not enabled

soa008, 20 Jun 2020screen ppi is more than good. Better than the majority of x... moreWell what'd ya expect, many pixels squeezed into a small screen ofc it's gonna be pixel dense