Xiaomi Mix 4

Xiaomi Mix 4

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From a phone enthusiast point of view, Xiaomi phones are still far behind Samsung and Huawei in terms of both software and hardware quality. Xiaomi's engineers still have to fix sudden system colapse, ads in nearly all system apps, overeliance on Google apps, sudden network hitches, screen insensitivity, and many other problems.They have quite a long way to go

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021They shouldve put a screen next to the rear cameras like th... moreAnd yet some people complain about that feature. Nothing will please anyone

  • Anonymous

the camera looks like a projector

DMX, 20 Aug 2021This will arrive global yes or no? because if it comes out ... more660 vs 1660

  • Rich watarious

I am crazily in love with this phone. Anyway let me go to YouTube to check some reviews in it. Performance and battery life and cameras.

  • Rich watarious

Wow what a phone very lovely. Great price too this will sell like fire in the Bush.
Any way Xiaomi a have a request to make. Please make a follow up phone that has the same design but a bit lower Chipset that sell around 300 - 350 As Mi Mix lite for us please

  • Me

Finally it's here

RB, 21 Aug 2021when it will launch in Pakistan..?It may not be

  • Anonymous

Raj18, 21 Aug 2021Instead of developing under panel camera smartphone manufac... moreWell its not just camera app. People use snapchat and Instagram to take pictures and it'd be wired to go back forth in those app if selfie camera is also behind

  • Anonymous

They shouldve put a screen next to the rear cameras like they did with the mi 11 ultra

Instead of developing under panel camera smartphone manufacturers should thought to use secondary display in the rear side of phone for bezeless experience and also for high quality selfies and video calls!!!!

  • RB

when it will launch in Pakistan..?

Dolby Vision? Really? that's awesome

  • john smit

why they not using 1. e-sim 2. liquid lens 3. quantum encryption chip (as in Samsung a71)

This will arrive global yes or no? because if it comes out after the iphone 13 and the pixel 6 pro it will no longer be worth it

  • Ali

when it will launch in India..?

  • sayabosanhidup

HenryTheX, 19 Aug 2021Curve screen=ugly. Bring back the MIX1 pure perfection ple... more&have u seen the zte nubia z9 or nubia z11
or nubia z17 or nubia z17s bezelless sides


they are really nice & beautiful as i have all 3 of them
zte nubia z9 & nubia z17 & nubia z17s smart phones

if only the first xiaomi mix has these bezelless sides
i can only imagine how beautiful perfect they will be


  • zamm

The no 3.5mm headphone jack just pushed me away

PKM1, 10 Aug 2021No card slot ? Aweful.You're the type of person to still be using a 2000's Nokia because of Card slot

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2021Already heard the boom😂Already cookin😭😭