Xiaomi official retracts his words about “no Mi Mix 4”

Yordan, 03 October 2019

The brand promotion manager of Xiaomi said last week that people should stop asking about an incoming Mi Mix 4 because there is no such phone. Today he cleared that foreign media for misquoting him, what he intended to say was that there was no Mi Mix 4 at the Xiaomi launch.

However, in his post on Weibo, Mr. Edward did not confirm the phone is coming either - he said: “I haven’t said there is no Mi Mix 4 and I am not confirming there is a Mi Mix 4”.

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Obviously fans wanted the Mi Mix 4 to be real and filled forums with questions about it. However, it appears the company was not ready for such a response and some of its officials decided to take it to Weibo before being briefed on how to cope with the situation. Since the Mi Mix 4 is still not confirmed, we might not see the device.

However, Xiaomi previously released the Mi Mix 2s in the winter, so there is a slight hope we could see a new Mix device in the next quarter.

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Reader comments

It would be great

  • gam30to
  • 08 Oct 2019
  • RXg

the mi mix always tries to be all screen. i guess this year they ran out of ideas to make it all screen.

Please no curved display!

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