Xiaomi planning a return to Brazil

Yordan, 29 March 2019

Half a decade ago Xiaomi started manufacturing smartphones in Brazil but eventually left the market in 2016 due to the poor economic environment. Since then only third-party retailers sold Xiaomi smartphones, usually with an inflated price tag, but it looks like this is bound to change.

The Twitter account of Xiaomi Brazil suddenly got active again in the past week, with its most recent tweet asking if Mi fans are ready to see innovation to happen in Brazil again.

The Latin American division said that it noticed the enthusiasm of local Mi fans and is trying to engage with them for now, withholding any official announcement about eventual development and plans.

Since Brazil has very strict laws and taxes on technology manufactured outside the country, we are likely to see Redmi Note 7 and the likes once again made in Brazil for Xiaomi to keep their low prices.

This could also be a teaser that the company is planning to relaunch sales without actually making its gadgets in the country and simply importing them, but then it would have trouble competing with Motorola which are incredibly affordable due to the laws for taxation mentioned above.



Reader comments

Both. And taxes sales are more than 40% of the retail price. Government issue us for everything.

  • Loled by me

As someone who has business in watch and have 20-25% of my clients coming from brazil, brazil's custom is definitely one of the worst, alongside south africa

  • Loled by me

What a load of crap. Xiaomi doesn't have a manufacturer here in indonesia and still sell their phones only 10% higher. No one sells something officially twice as much as what it costs originally. Never.