Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G

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  • Amer

I purchased POCO M4 Pro 5G, it is my bad experience. The GPS has a big issue it drops suddenly and stops working anytime, internet calling is not stable with this device, data network issue, Wifi connectivity is low compared with another Android phone I have, and heating issue as well. The Camera is OK no issue.

Overall not a good combination of hardware used to manufacture this model.

why does this phone have 2 rear cameras when it looks like a 4 camera setup... atleast no useless depth sensor and macro. also, is it true that this records 60fps??

  • Mavis

Duderino, 28 Apr 2022I want MIUI 13 alreadyPlease don't update MIUI 13 I heard about many bugs and not optimize software bruh

  • Spenza

Ali2020, 29 Apr 2022I've been trying this phone for a while and even is a ... moreI thought that I was only one who noticed that,the recent ips displays from xiaomi are not good at all.brightness is good bit contrast is very bad....these screens are low quality that is why these phones are cheap.

Anonymous, 26 Nov 20212018 _Waterdrop Notch 2019 _Motorized Selfie Camera 2020-... moreNope, it's like this...
2018 - notch
2019 - hole punch (commonly it is dewdrop notch or pop-up camera
2020 - hole punch slowly became more common
2021 - almost all phones use hole punch (except ultra-budget phones)

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2021such lens just use in cheap phones 50Mp Samsung S5KJN1 ... moreIt ain't Snapdragon 680.

It's a better helio g96.

  • Ali2020

I've been trying this phone for a while and even is a good phone with a decent selfie camera its LCD screen is below average level of quality. Old LCD IPS phones that are also midrange from a couple of years ago had better displays than this. Xiaomi really tried to use the worst possible LCD display and that is a disappointment, Xiaomi have used higher quality LCD screens the past, don't be misslead by its 90hz refresh rate.

  • Duderino

I want MIUI 13 already

you have to know, 14 Apr 2022who cares for the 5g network, even some countries dont have... moreI know that.

Tribes, 26 Jan 20222022 and 4GB phone WTF...thats the 4/64gb variant, you can go for the 6/128gb or 8/256 variant if you want more storage.

Jemlim, 26 Feb 2022You'll lack 5g and will get worse cameras though...who cares for the 5g network, even some countries dont have full 5g coverage.

this is a bit of an upgrade from m3 pro. consider it has dimensity 810 while the previous ones are 700.

  • Jack Auto

Why Not 120hz like POCO M4 4G?

Hotspot turn off when heating and charging

  • M

Saha weh, 07 Jan 2022No audio 24bit/192khz ??Yes sorry

  • M

Hotspot 5ghz turn off when charging miui 12.5.7

  • speak justly

good phone but missing the notification light.

  • Kaya

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2022Bad camara You don't buy Poco for the supersharp Leica experience. You buy Poco because you don't want to spend the money for the supersharp Leica experience

  • Khallas


  • Anonymous

Santhosh , 22 Mar 2022Very very bad bad camara 50 mp 16 mp my used phone Bad camara