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First of all, they upgraded the screen to gorilla glass 6, put in better cooling, faster storage speeds and capacity, has a chip twice faster than the 732g and it has better colour options. All at the cost of downgrading the camera and bluetooth by a bit. How the hell do people still complain? Its honestly dumb. The price is only 50 dollars more.

  • emc

da.woe, 27 Mar 2021Reading most complains about missing 3,5mm jack... So why d... moreGreat your point out there's included in the box USB accessories for 3.5mm headphone use.

  • MagiShield

This phone is totally for those who are aiming for performance + affordable smartphone. As a heavy gamer, I don't mind to sacrifice high quality display, high spec camera and even its look. As long as I have powerful processor + big battery + fast charging + cooling system + enough RAM & ROM, it 100% fits my needs. Don't get me wrong, POCO X3 Pro is not having bad quality on the display and camera, they are just at mid range quality, hence, still not really a threat. I will recommend to get this badass if you really aim to make this smartphone as a gaming phone. The price is cheap too! You may want to consider having a second smartphone for other needs like having nice camera and display. Nowadays, having two smartphones should be a big consideration. I really suggest that in order to ensure our life productivity, we must separate our game with daily activities. Especially if you are working or spending time with family, you may leave behind your gaming phone for a while, and focus on work and loved ones. We all know how addictive it can be when we play games that sometimes we tend to neglect our responsibilities. I find myself quite often neglect calls from employers or family members while playing game to avoid being afk and etc.. I hope I can help you make a better choice, not just for yourself but others too. Thanks for reading my opinion.

  • Zero

If you game but works at home: Poco F3 due AMOLED screen.
If you game but works outside home and uses the Radio: Poco X3 Pro due battery and processor
If you don't game: Redmi Note 10 + Rugged protector. Is weak as hell structurally talking.

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2021Ads. Ads everywhere. Bloatware: yes
Ads: yes
Ads everywhere: no
Ads can simply be turned off, bloatware can be uninstalled.

  • Anonymous

Ads. Ads everywhere.

Gram, 27 Mar 2021I took the Poco X3 Pro over the F3 after a long thought. Th... moreReading most complains about missing 3,5mm jack... So why dont you use that included USB C to 3,5mm adapter then? I dont get it...

  • Abraham

Gram, 27 Mar 2021I took the Poco X3 Pro over the F3 after a long thought. Th... moreStrange how the Poco X3 NFC has Bluetooth 5.1 and Poco X3 Pro has Bluetooth 5.0, unless GSMarena is wrong

  • the occupied

damn... thanks Xiaomi
nice phone, all communications included, unbeatable soc for a nice price, better package (battery, display,...) than past market leaders like Redmi Note 9S (Pro)
thought of waiting for it to be on market cuz that would be better than mi9t for 50$ less
and there the scratchy plastic back floats up.

  • Teo

demijmorg, 26 Mar 2021Hi, I have recently switched to Poco X3 NFC and unable t... moreHey, they killed the setting in miui 12 on all versions except for the Chinese one I think. The Google phone app promised to bring it back but still nothing

  • Gram

I took the Poco X3 Pro over the F3 after a long thought. The F3 has the best screen, I love it, insane early bird price but the lack of 3.5mm jack killed it for me. X3 Pro's only downside is the camera, LCD screen, bluetooth 5.0 imho. 5G is questionable? For me, the 3.5mm and UFS3.1 storage was more impt to me. Too bad, I would have bought the F3 instantly if it had 3.5mm jack. The real rival to the X3 Pro is the Redmi Note 10 Pro though

  • mainul1840

demijmorg, 26 Mar 2021Hi, I have recently switched to Poco X3 NFC and unable t... moreupdate miui

  • Anonymous

How is this called pro version..?? Because Poco X3 has 64MP camera & 6000mAh battery whereas Poco X3 Pro downgraded to 48MP camera & 5000mAh battery.. Upgrading only processor and downgrading all other specifications is not what we call 'A Pro' version...

  • Potang Ina

Wow, heating issue still there.
Poco . why?
im dissapointed.
i sold my poco x3 nfc just to upgrade, i thouht no more heating.but still the same. heating issue. this will not last long your phone.

  • Loner

Guys im looking forward to buy this phone but i cant find it anywhere. i was thinking it would be available 2 of 3 days ago. can anyone tell me whats up? thx

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2021Poco X3 NFC has the same core as Redmi Note 10 Pro, Why for... moreDid you notice only one thing? What about the others? Redmi Note 10 Pro is clearly better than Poco X3 NFC...


I have recently switched to Poco X3 NFC and unable to find settings for auto call recording
Plz guide how to setup automatic call recording for all incoming calls.

  • Syed Arham Anis

I Cant Say My Name , 25 Mar 2021Poco X3 Pro Or Redmi Note 10 Pro or Poco X3 NFC?? Can anyo... moreBro u don't need NFC now...Otherwise U should go for Poco X3 Pro...best in line phone

  • Technoob

This or Poco F3? I think advantage here is SD card support, 5000 battery. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2021If you only need beast performance, go for Poco X3 Pro othe... morePoco X3 NFC has the same core as Redmi Note 10 Pro, Why forget the X3 then?