Xiaomi Redmi 10 Power

Xiaomi Redmi 10 Power

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  • Anonymous
  • Dk7
  • 03 Dec 2023

Putin, 10 Jun 2023I don't understand what are you talking about. The pho... moreDon't buy this phone it is too worst. There are many problem I am facing in this phone especially its display didn't work while playing game. And also gyro feature is not available so you can't use compass in this phone

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    • EYE k
    • ytj
    • 30 Sep 2023


    OR ANY REDMI PHONE unless you like reinstalling software for fun. There's so much that has been said already. Has bloatware, games still lag, poor speakers plus janky software will make to regret forgetting to backup all your data.

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      • t1%
      • 14 Jun 2023

      dont buy this phone because many problems in this phone
      1 ir blaster not available
      2 stereo speakers not available
      3 sound quality is bad
      4 touch response is bad
      5 in this phone software update release so late
      6 in game turbo additional settings not available
      7 4g+ not support in this phone
      8 charging is very slowl

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        • Putin
        • aqp
        • 10 Jun 2023

        I don't understand what are you talking about. The phone work good and it is a upgrade of redmi 9 power.

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          • Aadil
          • YQ$
          • 28 Dec 2022

          I don't know what happened to Xiaomi because this phone is market in available in 14000 to 15000 thousands but without gyro sensor please don't buy this phone I'm going to crash that only single day I'm used

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            • Raihan56082
            • uI2
            • 02 Dec 2022

            Total money loss. Unfamiliar touch behaviour. Screen is flicking on heavy sun light or normal room light. Sometimes it's working by its own. Disgusting.

              • S
              • Ssn
              • 7t}
              • 29 Oct 2022

              In this compass is not working, even small phones are having the facility. Don't go for this

                Worst phone, slow, lagging, horrible camera, faulty 3.5mm jack... after 3months of usage. Don't buy it

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                  • yeah
                  • n$A
                  • 14 Jun 2022

                  Phone guy 14, 09 May 2022I mean they could've at least put a 8 megapixel camera... moreMoto will lure you with 48/50 Mpx with OIS, but it still would be a potato camera, so don't judge by specs here please

                    • A
                    • Asif
                    • U@$
                    • 12 Jun 2022

                    Gyroscope not there I cannot play bgmi for which I have purchased the phone

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                      • MBuch
                      • PEh
                      • 26 May 2022

                      1. Still some times misbehaves after closing any game, the screen opens horizontal and then in a fraction of 1-2 seconds, the screen again rotates to normal vertical
                      2. I have super bass headphones of Alcatel which i was using in MI note 4. But they are not compatible in Redmi 10 power. the Bass gets distorted and torn.
                      3. All the text messages and lot of features are like integrated with google and monitored by it. Hope that is true and this is not China that trying to take away all data in name of google
                      4. The Speaker output volume is WORST. Total crap. I have another phone Oppo A9 2020, the sound output of speaker is awesome. This is just crap in Mi10 power.
                      5. Battery Long lasting so far i have been using it from last 5 days.
                      6. Doesnt seem like 8GB. Its still slow.

                      I dont feel it worth buying.

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                        • AnonD-843228
                        • 3bm
                        • 13 May 2022

                        come on, give us the Endurance rating :)

                          I mean they could've at least put a 8 megapixel camera on the back Motorola does that for you for 30 dollars cheaper

                            Mustafa2022, 23 Apr 2022Seriously 😳, 50 megapixels back camera with 5 megapixels fr... more20mp on front is better

                              • Yext
                              • 6mM
                              • 25 Apr 2022

                              Mustafa2022, 23 Apr 2022Seriously 😳, 50 megapixels back camera with 5 megapixels fr... moreThat 50mp camera isn't a good one either, it's just there to fool people, 'cause there are gonna be a lot of customers looking at this like "Same resolution as the flagship and it also has 3 cameras, so why pay more?" and that's exactly why this phone is more expensive than the infinitely better Redmi 9 Power.

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                                • Nani
                                • D0b
                                • 25 Apr 2022

                                Yext, 24 Apr 2022Yap, but the Redmi 9 Power for less money is even better, w... moreJust nailed it! True

                                  • Yext
                                  • 6mM
                                  • 24 Apr 2022

                                  nicole, 20 Apr 2022good for power user.Yap, but the Redmi 9 Power for less money is even better, with basically the same chipset, same battery, way better cameras and a 1080p display. No upgrades here, this is just overpriced e-waste.

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                                    • M SkR Jewel
                                    • XSu
                                    • 24 Apr 2022

                                    Xiaomi, You should not change the pattern or style of 9 power & 9T but have to upgrade the inner of them. use 695 SoC with 50 mgp camera alon with 13 mgp front camera. battery 6000 li poly. is ok rate 190 Euro will be best and you don't know those will be customer oriented, ok.

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                                      • curious
                                      • f{Y
                                      • 23 Apr 2022

                                      can you format sd card as internal storage on xiaomi phones by default without root & without using a 3rd party app?

                                        Seriously 😳, 50 megapixels back camera with 5 megapixels front camera. They have to add 13 megapixels in front.