Xiaomi Redmi 12

Xiaomi Redmi 12

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  • Jajual
  • tx3
  • 29 Jul 2023

Wtf redmi 10

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    • touch mee
    • u7V
    • 28 Jul 2023

    Haiswot, 26 Jul 2023Same crappy ass chipset as r10 g88 is trash heats alot, lag... moreyeah thats right, idk why xiaomi now much to make rebrand and lit of bit new brand

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      • Anonymous
      • X5u
      • 27 Jul 2023

      Does it have any calling problem?, because I see it doesn't have proximity sensor.

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        • Haiswot
        • XZE
        • 26 Jul 2023

        Same crappy ass chipset as r10 g88 is trash heats alot, laggy
        Better put 680 in it ny far 10c is the best budget gaming phone
        There is nothing new here emmc, gimmick camera, slow charging, mediocre processor

          Gerry, 22 Jul 2023Pls can it play efootball? And again can it multi-task? you can play efootball as long it is in medium setting, high setting might not lag but it gets hot pretty fast

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            • Gerry
            • XBx
            • 22 Jul 2023

            Pls can it play efootball? And again can it multi-task?

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              • Anonymous
              • ttw
              • 22 Jul 2023

              Pratik, 13 Jul 2023It is 4G or 5G, agar 5G hoga to achha chalega otherwise doubt.4g

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                • Anonymous
                • 7k3
                • 22 Jul 2023

                Anonymous, 30 Jun 2023I'd buy it if it was 5 nanometer chipset. 12 nm will e... moreThen you can go for redmi note 12r

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                  • raja
                  • tuh
                  • 20 Jul 2023

                  overall design was great. looks quite similar to the iphone. 6.79 inches is quite large from my opinion. no problem in multitasking. very smooth on the touch. lags do exist but they rarely happen. camera i would give a rating around 6-7/10, but depends on how well you're using it.

                  i'm a moderate user so i don't really use it for gaming purposes. i did curiously test it on DLS 23 though it wasn't that great. well i'm not the type of user to fuck up my phone on games lol. but from my personal knowledge, maybe there some other better phones out there that specializes on gaming.

                  what i love the most about is that it's customizable. there is a themes app installed where you can edit the system's font. i downloaded the SF font that is used in the iphone to really boost the overall aesthetic.

                  the back of the phone is made of glass and it looks quite premium and elegant. i prefer the black version.

                  this phone has face id and fingerprint. it can be a bit annoying when you accidentally unlock it when you grip the phone with your thumb on the power button. face id is responsive but i turned it off for security.

                  i recommend this phone for moderate users like students. because i myself is a student lmao. it has sufficient features and google apps like Gmail, Maps, and Meet runs very smoothly. Youtube, Instagram and Twitter also runs well.

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                    • Estrada
                    • uMe
                    • 20 Jul 2023

                    Darknoor, 14 Jul 2023This is Xiaomi's response to Realme C55. Both suck. W... moreSo whats your storage and CPU recomendation for lower price like that?
                    You want fast CPU and storage with cheap price? lol

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                      • Anonymous
                      • skJ
                      • 17 Jul 2023

                      Sd card - check
                      3.5 Jack - check
                      FM radio - check

                      It even has NFC and Infrared, feature wise its perfect

                      Put in a 7+2 snapdragon and make it 6.1" and under 180gramms (better yet under 170) and you have the next bestseller smartphone

                      It makes no sense that the Redmi 12 is bigger then the Redmi NOTE 12 for heavens sake

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                        • Waverey
                        • tu6
                        • 14 Jul 2023

                        I was planning to buy for my daughter but the nightmare i have with redmi phone especially redmi9t still haunting me. Anybody use it can give any honest opinion. Thanks. Btw the phone spec is the best compare to other phone brand with same price tag

                          This is Xiaomi's response to Realme C55.
                          Both suck. Why care about high ram when the CPU is garbage, and what's the point of high super slow storage with less lifespan?
                          I don't get the idea behind these models. Maybe for someone who really doesn't care, or just likes to brag about numbers?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • XV{
                            • 14 Jul 2023

                            This phone is good, but if it was have UFS 2.1, Dedicated SIM card slot & MediaTek Helio G96, this phone were a best under 20K in Bangladesh.

                              Redmi now Rip

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                                • Pratik
                                • bEP
                                • 13 Jul 2023

                                It is 4G or 5G, agar 5G hoga to achha chalega otherwise doubt.

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                                  • JustAStranger
                                  • 7Xp
                                  • 13 Jul 2023

                                  It looks iPhone?😮

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Nue
                                    • 12 Jul 2023

                                    I wonder why the phone hangs even at the point of setting up

                                      cat curious, 04 Jul 2023Why even bother to use g88 and emmc 5.1 in 2023? I don'... moreI'm sure there are Redmi phones that meets your exact expectations,why come to complain under a phone that is obviously not meant for you?

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                                        • coal
                                        • CDY
                                        • 11 Jul 2023

                                        Anonymous, 17 Jun 2023Redmi 10C is a better phone than Redmi 12. Another reason i... moreur thinking is ill
                                        how will u type smthn as ill as this?