Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

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  • 28 May 2023

Someone knows where i can buy one?

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    • Shrpz
    • 8N2
    • 28 May 2023

    Someone knows where i can buy one?

      bought it at the end of 2015 and broke down at the end of 2021, used it as daily

        Chad, 12 Dec 2022Paranoid Android Quartz. It does have some bugs, mobile dat... moreHow is overall performance? Does it lag on the Custom OS compared to the Stock OS since it has only 2GB RAM and pretty old chipset.

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          • Chad
          • mAW
          • 12 Dec 2022

          Samurai X, 01 Dec 2022Which Custom ROM are you using?Paranoid Android Quartz. It does have some bugs, mobile data stops randomly and it can't be fixed without a restart. Besides that it runs Android 10 pretty well for a phone released in 2015. For me it's alright as I use it as a backup and for sensitive banking apps.

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            • Anonymous
            • X}d
            • 04 Dec 2022

            I want to buy Redmi 2 prime

              Chad, 06 Nov 2022Best phone I ever had, still going great as my backup, rock... moreWhich Custom ROM are you using?

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                • Chad
                • mAW
                • 06 Nov 2022

                Best phone I ever had, still going great as my backup, rocking a clean Android 10.

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                  • AnonD-1046991
                  • wvL
                  • 28 Jun 2022

                  crispcketlicker, 27 Jun 2022My first Xiaomi phone! Have great memories with this phone,... moreThis will be short lifetime sooner

                    My first Xiaomi phone! Have great memories with this phone, a very decent entry-phone, for that time!! It's cool because this was the first Xiaomi phone to be officially released in my country, Brazil, so when i bought this one everyone was like "What brand is that?" and "Which operating system is this?"... Anyway, i cherish this memory, it was an different phase for Xiaomi, for sure.

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                      • Jonas
                      • MpU
                      • 25 Jan 2021

                      FIX for "Can't connect to CAMERA":
                      - First, shutdown your phone and then reboot it while pressing between the camera and the speaker with your finger. This is where the connector of the camera sits. If you're lucky, the cam will work again. I have the feeling that it's also helpful to hold the phone with the screen facing down during this procedure.
                      - If this doesn't help, carefully open up your phone, which is very easy, given you have the right screwdriver (normal Philips). There are plenty of teardowns on YouTube. Now gently disconnect your camera and re-suit it in its connector. Then make sure to tighten all the screws properly again. This should fix your problem for some time to come.
                      - Another fix could be to buy a new camera on sites like AliExpress. It costs under 2$ - 5$ at this moment. However, I am not sure if this could fix the problem in the long term. I will try it out sometime soon.

                      More tips:
                      - Watch out that you don't drop your phone too often
                      - You may also try to tape a little piece of paper on top of the connector to further stabilize the connection. This should keep the fix for a longer period of time. However I found out that putting too thick layers of paper on top of the connector can result in the opposite (camera not connecting again).
                      - You can quickly check if your camera works again by booting into servicing mode instead of Android. Do this by holding "volume up" additionally to your power button until you see the starting screen. Then you will be greeted by many cyan buttons and a big blue button under those, everything in Chinese. Press the lowermost cyan button on the right with two Chinese symbols to change the language to English. Then choose "PCBA Test" where you can test your camera with the test named "Camera back" in the list. (Navigate through the list with the Buttons on the right side.) When you're done, go back, either saying the test "failed" or "passed" (doesn't matter) and choosing "Menu" -> "Power Off".

                      There is also a possible solution found on the Internet about shorting some JUMPERS on the PCB, but I haven't tried it, as I don't know what exactly this will change and I also don't want to ruin my phone. I would be grateful if anyone knowing more about this method could elaborate on the logic behind it, as the above fixes are only temporary.


                      Still using this awesome phone as my daily driver! :)
                      I really like the compactness, easy root access, true dual sim, good modding community, repairability etc. (Fixing a bad USB port was done in under 1h and costs under 2$.) Also, some features and apps of MIUI are still a privilege compared to standard Android as of this day. This is why I haven't yet upgraded to Lineage.
                      I hope there will be a suitable succesor sometime in the future, as ROM and RAM are feeling smaller and smaller. The cam could also be better, as could be the performance in some apps. The best contestants as of now are the Fairphone 3, Shiftphones and also the Teracube 2e, which is still in production (but a very hot contender). However, they all come with one compromise or another. For exmaple, the Fairphone 3, doesn't come with FM radio and does not have a modern screen-to-body ratio. Generally, most candidates also aren't as compact.

                      Would love to hear of people struggling the same way. :)

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                        • IonutM
                        • mAQ
                        • 15 Jan 2021

                        Yasir Mulanthala, 18 Jun 2020The most stable smart phone I have ever used.. Worked fine ... moreI subscribe everything you said. I purchase my phone exactly 5 year ago from online. Regarding battery that i changed once phone work very well on my mother hands right now. I have after him Redmi Note 4x, Redmi Note 5 AI dual camera right now, all very well smartphones and a big plus it's battery life if have Snapdragon processor. Thanks Xiaomi!

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                          • utJ
                          • 12 Dec 2020

                          Anonymous, 01 Jun 2016open camera>front camera>long press Recent App key>... moreUpdate

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                            • Dadul
                            • U@H
                            • 08 Aug 2020

                            Aaa, 28 Mar 2020Every thing is ok but they need to give updateBest

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                              • Yasir Mulanthala
                              • ypY
                              • 18 Jun 2020

                              The most stable smart phone I have ever used.. Worked fine for almost 5 years.! Only bought another in Nov 19 (redmi 8) because my kid put it in salt water.!
                              Best ever redmi..! Fell in love with it...still keeping that with me..!😘😘😘

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                                • Aaa
                                • rK@
                                • 28 Mar 2020

                                [deleted post]Every thing is ok but they need to give update

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                                  • Reyhan
                                  • XUy
                                  • 27 Mar 2020

                                  I bought it in the beginning of 2015 and still use it as my daily driver..
                                  The compact size and simple yet elegant model gives us no excuse to buy another smartphone..
                                  However, the little storage gives me problem when facing some big apps because the ram storage is already used for the system, so sometimes it dwells with my patience..

                                  Now i have another phone to back the redmi 2 prime up..

                                  The Asus 007 😎😎

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • J88
                                    • 22 Jan 2020

                                    Phone worked great for the last 4 years... Good battery life, indestructible plastic screen of just the right size, 2gb ram, which was a big deal in 2015, active modding community. Decided to switch because of problems with gps and usb port, otherwise I'd be happy to use it a few more years.

                                      Solid Smartphone even for 2019 (almost 2020), I have the 2gb ram/ 16gb storage model. I have been using now the Android 7.1 Nougat (AospExtended-v4.6) with great battery life and performance. I know there's Android 8, 9 and even 10 (custom) for Redmi 2, but I really like the stability of Aosp v4.6.

                                      The "only" problem for me it's the storage space, because 16gb is not enough in 2019.

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                                        • Redmi2PrimeUser
                                        • 3bY
                                        • 05 Dec 2019

                                        Smartphone was reliable for more then 4 years, no problems at all. Screen is unbreakable unlike the modern phones