Xiaomi Redmi 4 (4X)

Xiaomi Redmi 4 (4X)

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  • Edgal Morai
  • t@g
  • 02 Jan 2023

2 January 2023 !

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    • LemonTheBeast
    • XWw
    • 29 Dec 2022

    I am Using Redmi 4X 4/64 GB It's Work Properly I am Use From 2 years and Still Phone Is Nice But His Phone Update Is Not Come My Phone Version Is 7.0.2 Please Send updates

    Thanks For This

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      • Smalltitsphone
      • XUt
      • 28 Dec 2022

      Maul, 25 Dec 2022Mate it's a week to 2023 and I'm still typing on ... moreMe too

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        • Maul
        • tA$
        • 25 Dec 2022

        Mate it's a week to 2023 and I'm still typing on this 2/16 version of Redmi 4x !

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          • Fabio
          • TqY
          • 28 Nov 2022

          Still using this bad boy today. I have the 4/64GB version and it works super well despite the 5 year long harsh job. Not the most fancy or advanced/updated device these days but it still does it job and does it well. I still haven't found one app that I struggled with because of the Android version (running 7.1.2), does it's job and battery still lasts 2/3 days, depending on the use of course, but always at least 48h. Too bad these 5inch screens aren't a thing anymore...

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            • Mojiz
            • XNQ
            • 15 Nov 2022

            Raman , 22 Sep 2022It's a very good phne, i purchased it in August 2k17 a... moreI am also using the same phone since last 5 years. I am really very surprised by its durability.

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              • Raman
              • fCB
              • 22 Sep 2022

              It's a very good phne, i purchased it in August 2k17 and i m still typing this comment on redmi 4 (4X) in 2k22. 5 years gone with this buddy, very good nd handy device. Just few problems i face just, -- average camera -- not recieved any update after 7.1.2 -- so sometimes it do lags, otherwise good device with great battery backup!!

                It's one of my Android best phone I have used so far, Mine is 4/64gb..the performance is very good, the battery is very very strong! Mine lasts the whole day with data on...the camera is also good on its size.....the challenge is only the screen size though am used to it!!😀😀

                  Worst phone ever it hang alot. My Samsung galaxy J7(2016) version is way better in term of performance till today.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • uuC
                    • 02 Aug 2022

                    5 years am using

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                      • Chodu
                      • 7kn
                      • 21 Jul 2022

                      JonniFillipBorges, 20 May 2022Hello! Anyone Knows if this phone GPS navigation works with... moreYes

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                        • Honza
                        • pt8
                        • 02 Jun 2022

                        JonniFillipBorges, 20 May 2022Hello! Anyone Knows if this phone GPS navigation works with... moreYes, GPS works perfectly without internet connection.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • mFd
                          • 28 May 2022

                          avatar, 14 Dec 2021no fast charging support for this modelAm typing on my 4x bought it 9/2017 and its stil working fine.it supports fast charging 3.0 qualcomm quick charger though i use generic chargers

                            Hello! Anyone Knows if this phone GPS navigation works without internet connection? Thanks. Looking for a second phone to use without a SIM card.

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                              • Hello
                              • nqI
                              • 20 May 2022

                              the-avatar, 12 May 2022full of applications only 500mo remains free its very fast ... moreDo you Know if it has offline GPS? Or it ONLY works with A-GPS? Thanks.

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                                • the-avatar
                                • rmt
                                • 12 May 2022

                                full of applications only 500mo remains free its very fast no problems only battery now is at 50 percent it lasts for 1 day and years ago it lasts for 2days or more, screen is cracked but works 100/100 wifi very very sensitif and connect to far routers, i will never change for another even for those with large screen

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                                  • Raghu
                                  • 7tP
                                  • 27 Apr 2022

                                  This is a workhorse. I have a 3/32 from 2017. Of late, due to my carelessness, the phone fell on hard surface and the screen broke. Mi centres have stopped servicing this model, so had to get it done at retail third party service outlets. Still, the phone is working great. I have no intention of replacing it as long as it continues working. For safety, as I am getting old, I have fitted a silicone back cover for grip and have also fixed a tempered glass.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • BL6
                                    • 10 Apr 2022

                                    ( In My Opinion )
                                    Xiaomi Launch Two Best Phone Till Now M Using Every Phone Of Xiaomi But Two Phones It's Incredible

                                    1 - Xiaomi Redmi 4 With Miui 8 - v8.2.10.0
                                    2 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro With Miui 9 - v9.2.4.0
                                    Both Are Phones Is Solid Hardware If U Use Little Bit Of Care
                                    Awesome Sound , Awesome UI , Awesome Battery , Awesome Performance


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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • BLe
                                      • 07 Apr 2022

                                      Steve, 29 Mar 2022Still using it in 2022. My phone is running MIUI; I... more8.2.10.0. It's best for Battery Composition, Still I use it without mi. Account login

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                                        • Darsenero81
                                        • JNP
                                        • 31 Mar 2022

                                        I bought it in December 2017 and to this day it is still working. It is a true war tank, it had two screen changes and this morning at work, in a moment of distraction, I ran over my backpack (where the phone was stored) with a Hyundai H1, the screen of the phone It was all chipped, the body of the phone was bent quite a bit and the upper right corner was left open but incredibly the phone works perfectly, it did not affect anything at all, I don't know how long it can last like this but I would like to know how many phones withstand a trauma like that and continue to work As if nothing had happened. The best phone I've bought so far, the quality, performance, price ratio is by far the best of all the phones I've ever bought, if I could keep updating its software ad infinitum it would be a phone I would never change.