Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime

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  • Maruf
  • XR2
  • 20 Apr 2023

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2023Why still miui? unlock bootloader and flash custom ROM. And... moreI want to update my redmi 4 prime. Please help me.

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    • Anonymous
    • TpA
    • 01 Jan 2023

    MaxTheOne, 25 Jan 2022Bought in December 2016, now I have it as a secondary phone... moreWhy still miui? unlock bootloader and flash custom ROM. Android 12/13 is available in testing phase but Android 11 is stable. The telegram community still shine for this phone.

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      • AGR
      • M8B
      • 27 Nov 2022

      jon snow, 06 Jul 2020Redmi 4 Prime is Redmi 4 Pro?Yes

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        • Balckbird
        • XZN
        • 24 Apr 2022

        jon snow, 06 Jul 2020Redmi 4 Prime is Redmi 4 Pro?Yes

          Bought in December 2016, now I have it as a secondary phone. MIUI 10.2 & Android 6.0.1.
          Some modern apps like Amazon no longer support it and others make the phone lagging.

          This smartphone deserved more support and updates. Shame on Xiaomi

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            • Miki
            • 0Z%
            • 27 Dec 2021

            One of the best phones I ever had. Since 2016 still using it. Battery life is amazing. I flashed it to custom Lineage and now it is even faster and battery power extended to even more 30%. I don't like those new big screen phones. This one fits in every pocket. NextGen flagship phones are going to be reduced in screen size! So why change something what is good?

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              • Marjan
              • d%A
              • 02 Dec 2021

              I have this phone since 2016 and still using it.I put android 9 miui ported rom.Battery still amazing ,whole day on one charge without problem.

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                • Prime 4 secondary
                • sEB
                • 22 Nov 2021

                RedmiN4X, 08 Dec 2020What miui you are usinglast MIUI Global, MIUI MBEMIXM.

                When I still use it as daily driver, phone was at least reboot once a day. Battery usage ngl still really great, around 3-4 hours screen time.

                Now I change into poco f3. Its like heaven and earth difference on performance, camera, and sound. but for screen due to my eyes already used to IPS and how prime 4 having smaller screen. Full HD display looks more detailed on prime 4 xD and ngl, I dont see any significant difference on it except the 120 hz display when scrolling. The reboot isnt happening anymore after I uninstall heavy storage demand apps like games + whatsapp.

                I miss when I can use dual apps on any kind of apps on prime 4. I cant use dual apps on poco f3 on my fav games :( but its okay since we have floating screen feature on poco F3 which provides almost the same feature as dual apps.

                Overall, for you people who buy prime 4. This is one of the best phone xiaomi ever released, so be happy like me ^^ and dont bash MIUI too much xD marshmallow is still META! xD

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                  • Sujanur Rahman
                  • 6p}
                  • 12 Nov 2021

                  Good phone that I have ever used. Long battery charging along with durability. Still I am using it.

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                    • Arsh
                    • thv
                    • 17 Aug 2021

                    I'm still wearing redmi 4 prime, cusrom havoc android 11, great battery not inferior to smartphones now

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                      • Susan
                      • dMG
                      • 29 Jun 2021

                      bukowski, 28 Apr 2020yep. no problem. i have a 256gb card working perfectly in m... moreI put in 512GB card, and it also works, guess 128GB is not really the limit on external storage extension. haha.

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                        • Faysal Ahmed BD
                        • 6p}
                        • 09 Jun 2021

                        Purchased in 2016 and using still now. 4Prime was a mighty beast in it's price range.

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                          • John
                          • 86w
                          • 15 Apr 2021

                          Bought this phone back in March 2017. Four years later, and it still has super snappy performance, and battery lasts me a full day. Solid, great construction (dropped it countless times) , and perfect size. I hope Xiaomi releases a similar-sized phone with solid metal body in the near future. Until then I will keep using this bad boy, I think it still has a few more years left in it!

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                            • Joy
                            • X%d
                            • 19 Mar 2021

                            This is one of the great midrange device ever released by xiaomi with comfortable 5inch display, average camera, good soc and good build quality.I got mine in January 2017, and even in 2021 its Battery really amaze me everyday, overall 8-10 hour sot😮😮so sad that there are no 5 or 5.5inch midrange devices anymore,

                              Are you still using pixel rom? How's the battery life?

                                Prime4 still META, 23 Jun 2020Current phone still cant compare with this gem xD Will use... moreWhat miui you are using

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                                  • Sarath
                                  • XM4
                                  • 30 Nov 2020

                                  rokman, 10 Nov 2020how to upgrade to Android 9?Install Lineage OS17.1 ROM with Android 10. Search phone name in Telegram channel.

                                    talad, 02 Sep 20203.5 years with this phenomenal phone. been using Pixel Expe... morehow to upgrade to Android 9?

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                                      • Didzissss
                                      • mc1
                                      • 28 Sep 2020

                                      rokman, 11 Sep 2020Anyone please help me, where I can get screen protector for... moreEbay, Aliexpress etc,

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                                        • raju
                                        • XSi
                                        • 13 Sep 2020

                                        daru, 03 Sep 2020I bought this phone on March 2017 and still rocking to this... moreBrother is it playable free fire smoothly?