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  • Z

Peti, 06 May 2020I have been using it for almost two years. The screen is often n... moreTouch screen is it?

  • stephh

Peti, 06 May 2020I have been using it for almost two years. The screen is often n... moreAgree

  • Peti

I have been using it for almost two years. The screen is often not responsive and only gets active when screen is pwered off and on again. This happens to two other friends of mine. So this is not unique.
According to forum info only screen replacement solves the problem.

  • Anonymous

Problems began after the update to MIUI 10. I believe, they made the camera worse artificially. Since then, no further update made it better.

FYI, the updates are pushed and irreversible.

  • Anonymous

the only problem is the internal storage :(, this phone have been with me since 2018, and going to upgrade to Note 9 Pro

Got mine since 2017. The only problem I have is the small storage (16GB).

Call quality is standard.
(Depends on your carrier. I use Softbank.)

Battery life isn't that great anymore on MIUI so I installed pixel experience rom for better performance and battery life.

The camera isn't that good when recording a video but photos are great considering it's a 2017 budget device it can still take great photos with the help of GCam.

It's smooth on regular use like sms,calls,video streaming and web browsing. But don't expect too much in gaming especially 3D games.

I'm switching to Mi 9T pro since I earned enough money.

But if you're planning to get this device. I highly suggest getting the 64GB variant and install a rom called pixel experience to get the best out of your device.

  • Has7

My first xiaomi phone Redmi 5
Was stolen hahaha it's true

My Redmi 5 has Oreo since October. I haven't checked for MIUI 11 though

  • Anonymous

How is the battery backup, after MI UI 11 update 🤔

  • Anonymous

yes i got miui 11 on redmi 5 👍

  • user123

Sonu, 04 Nov 2019Yes 4 to 12 Novembergot my phone updated to MIUI 11 on 11/13, however Android is still Oreo.
no updates to Pie and black theme, that's sooo disappointing (((

  • Plisehon

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019did anyone got miui 11 on redmi 5?????well i got a notification and it dissapeared

  • Anonymous

did anyone got miui 11 on redmi 5?????

  • Sonu

Amit Sujauddin, 24 Sep 2019Redmi 5 will get Miui 11 updateYes 4 to 12 November

  • anon

This is a shit phone. Don't buy. I regret buying this, especially if you're looking for quality custom ROMs.

  • J

nik84, 18 Nov 2018yes thats true, display is really bad for eyes, i don't know how... moreWhile you are using the phone for days you will notice and i noticed that the screen colors are feeling like starting to Fade and the color looks Washed out
(On Redmi 5 3GB 32GB Nougat) but it's very easy to fix you just need to head to display settings and color temperature before you do switch the color modes into automatic contract remember the screen color before you switch the color modes so you'll see the difference.

  • Sato

have used it f0r 2 fruitful years (fair enough).
just 2 cons;
screen/glare not healthy on eyes
cant work on 5G network :(
planng to replace w mi7A note

  • BaLKacak

Please update the information. Its upgradable to oreo miui 10.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019will redmi 5 get MIUI 11 update ? Redmi 5 will get Miui 11 update

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2019Weird... i have MiUi but it's based on Nougat 7.1.2, no... moreStay on Nougat.