Xiaomi Redmi 5

Xiaomi Redmi 5

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  • ThatRandomToast
  • Dk5
  • 17 Jul 2024

Anon, 25 Sep 2022Just installed dotos 5.2.1 with gaps. Its A11 based, but m... more👍

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    • Anonymous
    • y6V
    • 28 Jun 2024

    this was my first xiaomi phone and honestly it was really good for me back then

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      • Anonymous
      • 3SI
      • 09 Feb 2024

      This is towards the end of the good old times where even budget phones had aluminum. Redmi 3 was full aluminum, then Redmi 4 had slightly less and this one only had a bit of aluminum then Redmi 6 got completely rid of it. I hope that comes back, the Redmi 12 is a good sign because it has a glass back instead of plastic. Even Redmi A3 is rumored to get a glass back, so hopefully aluminum sides are next with Redmi 13. Like the Galaxy A53 with plastic sides and plastic back went to Galaxy A54 with plastic sides and glass back now A55 will come out with aluminum sides and glass back.

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        • Kamol
        • XZr
        • 14 Jan 2024

        Dazis, 03 Jan 2023Just do UBL, install recovery, flash custom rom bananadroid... moreLink please

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          • Hkim
          • ibm
          • 01 Jan 2024

          Due to unluck for my clumsy situation my phone accidentally dropped at very high place so the lcd crack and cost me half of the price phone.So I temporarily using this Redmi 5 until got enough money to repair my phone.However, the redmi 5 camera actual not bad, it kinda mid but good for normal capture purpose.The performance of the phone is also quite good.Yeah the battery capacity kinda small but it can last long half a day if you not playing a games.Suitable for being a backup phone ngl.

            Is the camera good ? also it supports g cam?im about to buy a used one..!my other option is motorola e13 because i really need a value for money mobile 😊 personally i prefer redmi even if it's old.

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              • Melinda
              • dWy
              • 25 Dec 2023

              Is the camera good?i found a used one very cheap and im about to buy it...

                I used this phone 2 years ago, I used the 16 GB model with 2 GB RAM. Not a very good phone but, it's usable.

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                  • john
                  • XMi
                  • 19 Oct 2023

                  according to xiaomi firmware updater, this phone support miui 11 with android 8.1.0. and from youtube videos, it does indeed have android 8.1.0.
                  please update this spec sheet admin

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                    • hello
                    • pSM
                    • 23 May 2023

                    I have redmi 5 and it says android 8.1.0. might update the infi.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • sxr
                      • 07 Mar 2023

                      Dazis, 03 Jan 2023Just do UBL, install recovery, flash custom rom bananadroid... moreDoes the fingerprint sensor work with custom ROM? Effing stock rom disabled it after the latest update...

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                        • Dazis
                        • xhp
                        • 03 Jan 2023

                        Just do UBL, install recovery, flash custom rom bananadroid A13 and voilaa. Feel great and smooth 😂

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                          • Samit
                          • U@8
                          • 11 Nov 2022

                          What is the external capacity of this instruments?

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                            • Anon
                            • niG
                            • 25 Sep 2022

                            Just installed dotos 5.2.1 with gaps. Its A11 based, but mutch smoother than LOS 19.1 on A12. No lags or stutters, compleete bare minumum of apps. Great option to have less googled fone :)

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                              • Lineage OS
                              • ULM
                              • 14 Jul 2022

                              Aditya A, 05 Jul 2022I had used Redmi 5 2GB/16GB for a year. It is quite good i... moreTry to unlock bootloader, then install TWRP and Lineage OS 19.1 with Nikgapps Go version. Very smooth

                                Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022After update to android 8.1 is lagging af.Yes

                                  I had used Redmi 5 2GB/16GB for a year. It is quite good in this price range. In this phone I had storage of only 9.8GB which is quite less. After the latest updates in 2022 the phone is lagging terribly & it has freeze, hang problems. Software updates are not good in this. Many bugs are there.
                                  Due to low RAM & space very few apps we can use in this.
                                  Camera Quality is OK, Sound Quality is also OK, Battery life reduces after 2-3 months, & it will last for 1 day.
                                  But if you have to attend Meets, Calls on ZOOM, Google Duo, Meet for 1-2 hours I will not suggest to buy this.
                                  Screen quality is quite lower.
                                  I had purchased this phone 3 years ago at Rs.8999 & still it is working.
                                  It is OK to buy if you want an alternate mobile only for Calling, Camera & Torch. But I will prefer to go with 3GB OR 4GB.

                                    Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022Does redmi5 support USB OTG?Yes

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • wrv
                                      • 06 Jun 2022

                                      After update to android 8.1 is lagging af.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • S1X
                                        • 05 May 2022

                                        Need this phone