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Xiaomi Redmi 5A

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  • Anonymous

It's a quite good smartphone. A very basic entry level smartphone. Normal camera, without fingerprint sensor, but does the work greatly. I've been owning it since 2018 as a low budget phone it lags somewhat but surely not a gaming phone. I use at home so for daily tasks it is best. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Overall it's a great smartphone for students and housewives.

  • UmaSankar

Ishan, 19 Jan 2022I bought this phone in 23rd January 2018 and now it has bee... moreIts been 4 years to me. Lol I had bought this on Christmas 2017. It lags but working fine. Really a great deal it was for 5k only.

  • Ishan

I bought this phone in 23rd January 2018 and now it has been almost 4 years and I this phone is working very good yeah it lags sometimes and some battery issues but still it is working very good for me.

  • Mridul

Their technical team who developed apps to support the mobile is worst. Anytime it deletes the contact details, whatsapp messages, etc without warning. To restore the contact details from their own cloud it takes over 24 hours :) :). Maybe they do not understand indexing features ;)

  • Much11

Good 9/10 but i hate update miui because lag is very much and if update miui 11 ram is 899Mb

I don't know what others saying, but for me this phone is the best. Bought 2018 January, still functioning very well. Battery now little bit fast draining. Some lag also. But... Wow. Well done Xiaomi. Good product.

  • Manjit

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2021This was my first phone ,it worked efficiently but due to i... moreSame problem battery is the big issue for me ,. Now waiting for moto x30 ultra

  • Anonymous

This was my first phone ,it worked efficiently but due to its battery issues ,i bought the vivo v21e it is an amazing phone

this is my first xiaomi phone, I use the 3/32gb variant it works normally.
This phone is full of memories for me.
now i have sold it, because i need big storage, i have switched to redmi note 10s 8/128gb.
that's enough for me with specifications that are quite far from my old cellphone.

Very good 9/10 i have problem since update MIUI

  • Anonymous

Indian user, 01 Sep 2021Just bought this phone for like 45 dollars. The size is per... moreRs. 1592/- battery price

  • Indian user

Just bought this phone for like 45 dollars. The size is perfect to use as a secondary phone. Can use 4G Volte on only 1 SIM at a time, no Dual 4G Volte. Need to change the battery. How much it cost in service center

Rotich, 22 Jun 2021Hey, i have this type of phone and i have updated the syste... moreI assume you upgraded from MIUI 9 or MIUI 10 to MIUI 11. For a ROM rollback, these r the main steps:
0. download MIUI 9 or MIUI 10 .zip file for your device, from the web(ps. easily available on the web)
1. backup all your data
2. unlock bootloader
3. install custom recovery(for android 8.1)
4. using recovery, wipe system, cache and ART/dalvik cache.
5. using recovery, install "no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.1" (ps. search for this on web)
6. using recovery, install your downloaded MIUI .zip file.
7. using recovery, wipe cache and ART/dalvik cache
8. reboot the system
9. enjoy !
(ps. above are just the main steps, detailed steps are well explained on the web, AND IF ANY DOUBT, REPLY BACK TO ME)

Yoyo, 06 May 2021What is the best custom rom for redmi 5a? for now I'm... moreyou can literally flash any custom ROM. My personal suggestion would be to install that ROM which comes without G-apps. Later on u can install G-apps pico package(the lightest one).

sid, 02 Apr 2021my god this phone is lagging very much that you will think ... morei went thru the same issue and now after flashing custom ROM, I have breathed new life into my MI 5a(riva). the custom rom is slimrom unofficial with android 7.1.2. Dont throw your unitπŸ™πŸ˜‚, it can become new as before....

Jj, 20 Jul 2021I m having Battery issue on it anybody facing same issue my... moreIt is my all time experience that if you regularly charge your mobile using some other charger, the battery seems to weaken. So first please ensure that you use a dedicated charger. My unit has now started to show less standby time after 3 yrs of usage. Basically the IC in the battery charger unit of mobile phone gets corrupted due to different charger usage. So, maybe the replacemnt of that IC and your battery can solve your problem...

Aman Tushir, 21 Jul 2021Storage problem in16 Gb h please elaborate your problem regarding storage...

  • Aman Tushir

pradip, 28 Jun 2021expendable external memory card up toStorage problem in16 Gb h

  • Jj

I m having Battery issue on it anybody facing same issue my unit is not even used for 2 yrs , battery should last 3yr but in real it even not lasting for 2yr.

  • pradip

expendable external memory card up to