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  • Samsudin

redmi 6 is soo good for me.....i tested 4g from my area......this phone is so fast loading....

i have redmi note 10 5G but this is sad...that 4G is so slow loading data is same slow.....
.remember..... i use same telco and same time and same place for 2 this devices.....

  • cyte

well i got one and i can tell it's pretty accurate somehow

Muhd Aidil, 09 Apr 2021I played MCOC then suddenly crashed over 35 minutes and my ... moreDon't expect a high thing from entry lever budget phone

Hamimer bondhu, 26 Jul 2021My friend is hamim from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and T... moreDon't be so stupid, it's not even midrange

  • Anonymous

LinMiPlay, 16 Aug 2021How's the software in 2021? Is it the same as before ... morePretty much the same as it was released, not gonna lie. Been using it since October 2018.

  • Spaniard

I bought this phone in january 2019, when it was already 7 months on the market. I don't like MIUI much, because initially it had ads within their own apps and OS was buggy overall (apps like Night Shift didn't work well and my alternative launcher kept crashing). I'd rather only have basic Google apps and nothing else, clean Android. As for the hardware, it still holds strong, including the battery. 3GB of RAM is enough for the most popular apps, and I only use half of the 32GB storage, since I listen to music on Spotify, instead of MP3 files. All data like photos is transferred weekly to my PC, I don't keep anything on the phone. If I charge the battery over night, I end the day with 40% battery which is impressive for 2 years of use. As some of you said, the dual camera sucks. Image depth, white balance, night shots and speed of focusing are terrible. One way to improve image drastically is edit camera options and set this: sharpness - high, contrast - high and saturation either mid or low (low will give you a cinematic look). So no need to edit your photos anymore, just shoot like that. Also, use portait mode for more than portraits. Shoot lamp posts, trees, walls, any texture you see that can be interesting. This mode also works backwards, it makes things on the foreground blurry while you shoot something else. Like a model seen through an arc of branches or flowers. The flowers will be blurry while the model is sharp. I will eventually replace this phone, but it should be good for another 5 years, and for 120€ back in 2019, this was a great investment.

  • Anonymous

This is the best Android phone for its specs, though lacking in cameras performance. Bought it on 2018 and still works very well till today(right now is 19th August 2021). No problem with any apps, unlike other Android models. Current OS is MIUI Global 11 and Android 9. I'm so glad for this phone. Thank you Redmi.

ajmd, 14 Aug 2021I've been using my redmi 6 since 31st December 2018. I... moreHow's the software in 2021?
Is it the same as before or slower? Wanna know your opinion.

  • ajmd

unclesbasement, 07 Jul 2021Does this have miui 11 and how smoothly does the phone runI've been using my redmi 6 since 31st December 2018. I wasn't expecting it to be much good or last this long but I've been pleasantly surprised from the outset. I have only noticed a bit of lag from a few apps and there's a handful of games that it's struggled a bit with but all in all I've been very happy with my purchase. The camera may not be outstanding but it is perfectly competent. MIUI 11 is nice to work with and was pretty easy to navigate from the start. Browsing is usually smooth, only issues have been WiFi or signal strength related, not the phones fault. I paid £100 for this phone more than 2.5 years ago and it doesn't owe me a damn thing. Well worth the small price and better than you think

  • dollar for dollar

did redmi 6 actually get android 10? or it stayed on 9?

  • Hamimer bondhu

My friend is hamim from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University. He plays valorant regularly. As he is not very good valorant, I invited him to play in wild rift on mobile. But to my immense grief, I learned that he cannot install a simple mobile game like wild rift on his device. Now one may argue that he pulled of a 'HAMIM' while installing so the it is his fault and I totally agree but, don't you think a 11k phone like redmi 6 should have the capability to bypass a silly 'HAMIM'? I am fairly disappointed on such low performance of an 21st century electronic device. 1 out of 10 no caps. Don't buy this.

  • Anonymous

I've already have answered to you hatter my info comes from the most reliable test Dxomark and my experience of having 2 Redmi 6 for almost 3years keep this nonsense tactic again and again i doubt if you ever use a Redmi 6 or else you wouldn't keep repeating the same like a illogical troll need faster charging buy a fast changer you can't ask from a badget device to do everything w smartphone should do and to charge as fast as you wish and without spent a little more you think that 140 min from 15% to the 100% and 160min from 0 to full too much when world's high end most expensive standard edition 12 Pro Max iPhone that needs with fast charger 22watts 2 hours 13min full charge from 0 and you keep trolling about Redmi 6 charging time??? I don't know if you're a Hatter as your name depicting or just a troll with nothing better to do than keep spreading nonsenses but illogical you surely are pal and so yeah wise guy something trashy here surely is but guess what that's not Redmi 6 so better take a good look of your self Hatter!!!

  • Anonymous

Hater, 08 Jul 2021Kid, I own Redmi Note 10, so I don't hate Xiaomi as a ... moreFirst leave the math aside wise guy Redmi6 fully charges in 140 mins with the device full working status second i've got 2 redmi 6 for over 2,5 years and the battery condition is in perfect working condition it's more than enough 1 day with extreme hard use and 2 days in normal use and it will hold even for a third day with economic use third why you hurry so much 140 min for a best seller budget phone isn't bad at all the phone is great in everyday use its performance is awesome it is an honest device who does it all that you need and also very good why you keep talking and talking again and again the same nonsenses you said before for redmi 6 as it is lies or distorted info well if you want faster charging pay not more than 25$ and buy an extra fast charger end of story if you think a smartphone of redmi 6 class faster charging tell feel free tell us but you can't and final let me tell you about iphone device an extremly expensive device but not so fast if you think that it costs over 1500 us $ and something funny but so true: It takes 30 minutes to charge the battery to 50%, 73 minutes to reach 90% but two hours 13 minutes for a full charge using a cable and a £19 Apple 20W USB-C power adaptor, or more than three hours with the MagSafe wireless charger (tested by Dxomark) so the high-end top of the line apples device needs 133 mins and costs over 1500 us $ or 1500 euro while redmi 6 that costs no more than 160 us $ and as a budget device needed 7 minutes more so put this on your mind and with very simple maths know that a iphone 12 pro max costs in europe 1500 euro and needed 133 mins from completely battery drain from zero to 100% while the redmi 6 160 euro (4gb ram, 64gb rom) for 140 mins from 0 to 100% so do the math and see for your self and all info are on the net...i have no problem with different opinions than mione but here number talks and also common logic- end of story!!!

  • Hater

Anonymous, 26 May 2021Hater you're nothing more than hater i've own the... moreKid, I own Redmi Note 10, so I don't hate Xiaomi as a whole, but just a Redmi 6 model. If your phone charges in 2 hours it means your battery capacity has deteriorated. If you know a little maths you can calculate that 3000 mAh phone charges for 3 hours at 5V 1A. You weren't able to say anything to prove that 5V 1A is a normal thing, even Redmi 5 had 5V 2A, Redmi 6 is just ridiculous. So, kid, keep defending your trashy phone.

Does this have miui 11 and how smoothly does the phone run

  • anon

Bought and have used it daily since August 2018. The battery went bad sometime late 2019 but still held up in 2020. Changed the battery myself today and it still works fine. I have the 3/32 version, and can only say that it has gotten laggy after all these years. Theres multiapp/splitscreen but not worth using with such low ram. Good for basic use if you can find it cheap, light gaming is also okay. Not for heavy gaming/workload. Shouldnt expect much from an entry level phone anyway.

No fast charging, but that was rather the norm back then for entry level phones.

  • Anonymous

Hater, 07 May 2021God! It charges at 5V 1A! So 3000mAh charges for 3 hours! E... moreHater you're nothing more than hater i've own the Redmi6 for 2 years since2 years from Feb. 2019 and from 5% - 10% doesn't needed more than two hours and so you're lying but why such negativity why you're making such a foolish comments there's no reason to say such nonsenses for a best seller smartphone that nobody said anything about your pittyful claiming pal...one thing's for sure someone's mocking but not Xiaomi Redmi 6!!!

  • Redmi 6 user

I bought the phone in 2020 and still using it in 2021 and so far the phone has been very reliable! The features of this phone such as dual apps and some others is quite splendid considering the cheap price and as a student using this phone for online classes,it is satisfactory. However over the time, battery wears out and the MIUI doesn't upgrade anymore. Overall I give it a 8/10

  • Asuka66

I have the Redmi 6A, the most basic version ... I have it since 2018 and still in use ... the battery still has an autonomy of more than 24 hours, they work perfectly well ... it is true that there is already an app that They are a bit heavy for the hardware it has and the storage (16GB) is quite fair, but for the intense use that I give it on a daily basis, I am more than satisfied ... in games of course, it has its clear limitations but I can still enjoy titles like Free Fire, COD and others without more limitation than storage

  • Hater

God! It charges at 5V 1A! So 3000mAh charges for 3 hours! Even Redmi 5 and Redmi Note 4 charge at 5V 2A. What kind of an idiot decided to do this? Is that a mockery? Yeah, its definitely a mockery, I can't find another explanation. Don't buy it, else you will have to charge it for 6 hours a day instead of using it.