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  • Suryarao

I purchased resmi 6 on 15th Aug 2019. From beginning on words phone complaints are
1. Phone automatically off and on freequently. From nov-19 onwards it is repeated every 1hr or half an hour.
2. Battery backup not good.
3. Speaker and sound very low.

I am given my my mobile to servicing center on 26th Dec-19. But no result. Same problem raised. I am not able to goto servicing centre due to my job chart ti.ings. servicing timings from 10.30am to 7pm. But evening we take complaint up to 6pm. How can I give my phone.

  • Anonymous

This is not good. Basic complaint is battery backup not good and mobile always automatically off and on. If off atleast 1hr to 2 hrs. Continusly on and off automatically after that on remaining any button press then the same sene repeatedly coming. Once I give to mi servicing center vizag no result. What can I do this problem. I pitched on line on 15th Aug 2019.
Kindly give good suggestion.

  • curious

none, 11 Jan 2020Yesi can not find it, though

  • Taron_2005.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2020bluetooth keeps turning on every 1 minuteNormal phone

  • none

curious, 09 Jan 2020did redmi 6 get ultra battery saver?Yes

  • Anonymous

bluetooth keeps turning on every 1 minute

  • curious

did redmi 6 get ultra battery saver?

I think this is precious gem, anyone!?

  • K

Got MIUI Global 11 Stable
Android 9

  • Anonymous

MIUI 11 rolled up in Macedonia.

  • 3dots

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2019Best phone that i have ever used ...for this price point i think... moreI like this phone also. Display is great for me, gentle on the eyes, no notch, could use more brightness in the sunlight. Battery lasts enough, Pie update improoved some things. Miui is very strict - even wifi transfer is turned off when display goes off, but I guess that can be changed in settings. I use battery saving mode all the time. I found some heating issues when navigating with Google Maps (data transfer+gps)...in the summertime though...

  • Anonymous

Orbiter, 31 Oct 2019Absoloute lump of poo, this is my first Xiaomi and last the thin... moreBro it's not because of the phone, its the new update that caused these problems.. it will be resolved by the new miui 11 update

  • Anonymous

Best phone that i have ever used ...for this price point i think i have received more than what i was expecting from a phone... Reliability is the biggest thing that i found as plus a point for redmi 6... I can do all the stuffs that even a expensive phone can do on a regular use(not talking about camera quality and other unecessary stuffs) i am a college student and all things that i need for a mobile is delivered by my phone... I can play even pubg with out any lag or heating issues... And in between the 6 months of usage i never faced any heating issues with any tasks... This is a top notch undercard for a person who don't care about aesthetics and fancies but needs to get maximum productivity for what he is paying for.

  • Amadis

Joxer, 31 Aug 20191-Very poor camera day/night led (flash) don`t give to much br... moreits a 100$ phone what do you expect

Absoloute lump of poo, this is my first Xiaomi and last the thing has a mind of it's own bluetooth keeps turning on after being set to off I have tried everything to sort it gets on my nerves, proximity sensor not good was on phone other day and my ear managed to put the caller on hold. Just little niggly things that have put me off this brand.

  • japy

bad software for this phone, 32bit mode software 64bit soc. them developers just don't care, they said its complicated because 64bit software OTA updates is not possible. stupid move putting 32bit software in the first place, limiting the soc performance and overall experience. you will regret buying this phone if you carefully use it. no gyro, bad software. but what'd you expect from a entry level phone. stupid move

  • Mohsin Hussain

Sanchali, 09 Apr 2019 using redmi6, now i'm facing prblm while receiving calls.my voi... moreYes i am having same problem and fornthat i sold the phone and took new same model Redmi 6 but found same issue, and still not resolved by MI team and rejected by just upgrading software everytime, i went 7 to i times and still my phonenis under warranty.

But no use, made mistake by choosing this model and may be company as not providing worth solution of the same Common problem as facing by other people too, like u also faced.

  • skylee

how can i fix my redmi 6? when i format it and activate your account appeared but i didn't have an account? haixt.

  • Roger

Me, 05 Sep 2019This phone have only 60k AnTuTu point it's really really bad for... moreThis is not for gamers

  • AOV

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